Step 5: Using A Computer Drawing Program to Build the Layout

If you don't have access to a good computer drawing program or are planning to make this with hand tools, you could easily work on paper to create the layout.

I used Adobe Illustrator for creating my layout but I'm sure other drawing programs could do this, also.  I had 1/4" thick stock to work with so I created template shapes to work with. In the drawing program I made boxes that were 1/4" x 1" to copy/paste when drawing my layout so the width of the stock was always taken into consideration. 

The paper pattern was used to determine what was my usable space inside the suitcase.  I start by creating a box in the drawing program for my usable space.

I copy/paste the stock template shapes to denote what will be my wood stock just inside the box I've just drawn.  I stretch long direction to match the length of the side.  I do this to all sides to create a box to work inside. 

Every time I decide to place a wooden support inside the box I repeat this copy/paste/stretch technique.  By keeping with this, I know that I have enough space for the supports and whatever it is I'm trying to hold. 

Now is the point to begin making final layout decisions based on the exact size and shape of what you want to carry.  In the drawing program, make boxes that are the height and weight dimensions of the items for the case.  I used a bit of a color-code system to help myself keep things straight.  The purple rectangle represents the shaker, the blue rectangles are the glass bottles for alcohol and mixers.

Create the shelves and supports needed for the layout.  I placed a support piece between each bottle as well as a shelves for things to sit on.  Leave a bit of space on either side of each object so you can easily place and remove the objects.

With the space at the bottom, I'm going to create a drawer.  For the drawer to work properly, it can't be as wide as the rest of the box (it will catch on the frame of the suitcase).  Eventually I will add bit of support below the drawer casing but that comes in during final construction.

The opposite (left) side of the suitcase will hold glasses, a jigger, jars for cherries, sugar, and orange slices, a set of coasters, tongs for serving sugar, a drawer for tooth picks, and 2 pockets for straws and stir sticks. That is a lot of stuff but luckily it is all quite small and fits together nicely. 

The layout really depends on the objects you find and wish to carry.  Here is how I determined how to hold my objects:

To securely hold glasses made of real glass create little cutouts for the bases to sit in.  I used one layer of stock as a proper shelf and glued a second layer to the shelf with half-circle channels just large enough to fit the base of each glass.  I spaced the glasses evenly across the self with a bit of room on either side.  The distance between the shelf supporting the glasses and the shelf above the glasses is just barely wider than the height of the glasses.  This will lessen the chance of the glasses from tipping out.

I ran rectangular dowels between each glass as an extra spacer to prevent the glasses from hitting one another and breaking inside the case. 

I was lucky in planning my case because the jigger was the same height as the jars for holding sugar/cherries/orange slices so I could place all of those objects on a shelf together.  I placed dowels between the jars also. 

With the remaining space, I created a layout to efficiently and securely hold the other objects. Make it work.
and you're making Manhattans and Sours on the go! Bravo sir!<br>(is there also an ice container on board?)
<p>This is so nice, bought a suitcase right now!</p>
<p>Nice idea well done</p>
<p>Nice job! The link to your blog entry is broken... removing the date from it will fix it.</p>
<p>The perfect gift for a lawyer or politician. Now, about building this laser cutter? I seem to have misplaced my neighbor's.</p>
Old Fashioneds.. yeah. :D Great work, way nicer than my Executair 100 (?).
You can't deny that the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the Executair 100 would make it a lot easier to serve your self after a few rounds...
<p>I have since acquired 6 more portable bars... one is leather exterior and wood/velvet interior... yours is still the nicest one, though. :D</p>
<p>This looks like the very expensive Item like 150$/&euro; great</p>
<p>Awesome Instructable.</p><p>A shame all my work travel is by plane, I wouldn't want to have to check this. I guess I could fill the bottles when I touch down, but that kind of negates being able to have exactly what I need in the travel bar.</p>
This design is well done. I like the Art Deco look (or maybe it's just a 1920's look) because that's when cocktails were king. <br> <br>How much does the full kit weigh when loaded up? Can it be carried with one hand, or it is more of a luggable?
Thanks, it was something I wanted to make to have around for forever and I really thought about how to design a functional object that will last. <br> <br>It is around 20lbs when fully loaded. It can be carried with one hand but 1) It is a second hand suitcase, I'm not exactly sure how abused it was before I bought it, 2) I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on it and risk breaking it, 3) It is a bit heavy for me to carry and any momentum that builds up when carrying/swinging it can pull me over pretty easily so I carry it with a careful lift.
<p>Then maybe better with a carry on luggage with pull out handle and wheels :)</p>
<p>I thought I was the only one who felt like this I also drink whiskey, scotch, cognac, and usually I have to bring my own bottle places but don't like drinking out of plastic cups or not having drinks to mix or chase. Thanks for this I will be attempting this myself. Nice job </p>
<p>Funny and useful ! </p>
<p>Wow, that's a great build. Impressive work. Nice detailed instructable with great photos, material list, and step-by-step instructions. Nice use of laser cut pieces! Great work!</p>
This is amazing! I concur with asandoval7
I will for sure be telling my mom about this she will use it a lot!!!!!!!
This is brilliant, so so classy!
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That's cool I might make one for my dad
I hope you win! Good luck.
Ahhhhhh beyond cool. Now to incorporate a record player or an app that notifies your friends of the location of the suitcase bar when its opened.
QR code with the 'subscribe' link stuck on the side of the case.
Thanks! I need to become friends with someone who owns a suitcase record player and we will be a traveling party duo! Wherever we are there will be a party. ;)
Will carry one with me in my travel car. Thank you. <br>http://shanaihaku.naturum.ne.jp/e1554121.html
<u><strong>WOW<br> what a good job !!! </strong></u>
I just saw this idea today selling at World Market. Original price was $600+, marked down to $350. So to make this yourself is a HUGE savings and a very cool item to have. Thanks for posting it. Here's the world market link where they're selling one: <br> <br>http://www.worldmarket.com/product/clyde-steamer-trunk-bar.do?&amp;from=fn
you are my idol!!
very good good job
Congratulations on being a winner in the digital fabrication contest!
Thanks! I wish I had won the CNC router but I'm sure I can do lots of fun things with the goodies at Inventables.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the be prepare contest! (Look at you go ya little contest ninja!)
Beautiful and practical. I love this!
Thank you!
Now it just needs a Fuller Brushes advertising logo on the outside of the case. Awesome.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Suitcase-Picnic-Table-and-Speaker-System/ <br> <br>this travel bar reminds me of this other instructable that made a picnic table out of a suitcase. couple the travel bar with this picnic table and you can have a good party anywhere. I could also use this set up for organizing all of my gadgets too. add some foam to protect everything.
I love this, especially all your finishing touches. It has given me a great idea for my sewing machine and all it's paraphernalia. Think I'd rather a bar though...
Making a beautiful compartmental box exactly to fit your sewing machine parts would be awesome, too. Maybe add a compartment or two to your sewing box to hold a few bar-like items. ;)
Ingenious! Love the idea of a bar &quot;to go&quot;!
Thank you! You have everything you need all tidy and in one place. :)
My wife loves a classic Manhattan!
Your wife sounds like a fantastic person.
That is great; a winner for sure.<br> <br> You might get on well with this guy. (1 minute and 20 secs in.)<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQmEKOS55RA" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQmEKOS55RA</a><br> <br> from the film Bunny and the Bull.
That was so fantastic! I was not familiar with that film before now. And yes, that is kinda maybe how I am at a party. ;)
you are cool.
Thank you. :)

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