Picture of Travel Case for phone, passport & ebook
travel pouch top flap.JPG
travel pouch lift tape pulled.JPG
travel pouch phone out.JPG
travel pouch phone retained.JPG
travel pouch gusset.JPG
travel pouch lift tape.JPG
travel pouch lift tape anchor.JPG
travel pouch main.JPG
This case was custom made to hold a Sony e-reader and a Galaxy note phone securely for travel and will fit easily in a jacket pocket.  There is room to slide a passport into the phone section too, keeping all the important stuff together.

The front pocket is gusseted to allow for the thickness of the phone and the e-reader is accessed by pulling on the lift tape.  The main construction is of fabric fused onto Timtex interfacing making the whole case lightweight and washable.

By adjusting the dimensions this could be made to fit pretty much any model of phone and e-reader.
Jayefuu3 years ago
Very nice! Going on your Etsy store?
lizzyastro (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
Maybe - I'll probably try with a Kindle & iPhone version first as I would guess that is a pretty common combination.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very nice!
....and a wonderful Father's Day present too.