Step 6: Glue the New Ferrules

I know, I know, you've been wondering how the heck we're going to put this together and use it again. Well you have to buy some new ferrules. Those are the little metal things that attach the rod together. One female part and one male for each connection made. Using a caliper you measure the rod diameter. I have a dial caliper I bought from Harbor Freight years ago. If you don't have one find someone that does or you can pick one up for $20 or less. My caliper only reads inches so I consulted the internet and converted this to millimeters, mm. Then go to your favorite rod builder’s supply online, I used Janns Netcraft and the new ferrules were $1.79 and $2.09 with I think $6 shipping. I had the parts in three days. The two female ends were a little loose so I did a base wrap with my nylon thread underneath to snug it up. One of the male ends wouldn't fit the rod so using an emery board I sanded it down about the thickness of a piece of copy paper. Then using a five minute epoxy I glued all the ends on their respective spots. Remember to leave enough room on the female ends to insert the male counterpart on the other end. If you slip the rod all the way into the female end you won't be able to accomplish the proper friction fit to hold the rod together. The rod should slide all the way into the male ends. While I was at it the female end the factory put on was loose so I re-glued it too.
nice red green quote at the end there, and remember if the women don't find you handsome they should find you handy :)
Nice cat, I see you had trouble photographing when you did your instructable also in my instructable repairing fishing rods I gave up trying to video the whipping on the rod after the third try and photographed step by step on a wooden dowel.
A little advice here stainless steel hanging wire it doesn’t oxidize or notch from the line.
Cotton thread rots easy, has a fluffy surface making the whipping rough when lacquered and it is not as strong as nylon. Before nylon older fishing rods were made from silk thread for the same reasons. I use upholstery thread it is thicker than regular thread and as strong as 25lb test fishing line.
great 'ible and nice fish
Thanks. The next step is to build a carry case. Stay tuned. ws.
Ill be sure to check that out
I have one of these, and it's so helpful! Awesome job!
Nice work! Good looking Pooch too.
Great instructable. Thank you for sharing.
Great project and very clearly presented. Awesome work!

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