Picture of Travel Lego Case
This instructable will teach you how to create a Lego case that remains organized when shaken. When closed, the case is an impenetrable block of wood. When open, it is a gateway to endless possibilities.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Along with the items below, you will need wood glue and a measuring tool.

Step 2: Cut the wood

Picture of Cut the wood
Cut three pieces of wood that are large enough for your baseplate. Make your Legos into a rectangle and mesure it. It shoud be smaller that the wood you cut. Cut the sides based on your measurements. You may want to have a larger side on the top edge.

Step 3: Put it Together

Glue the sides onto the planks of wood, making sure your Lego rectangle fits. Plane and sand the edges. Clamp the two trays and the extra plank of wood together and drill a hole through all the layers. Insert the bolt into the hole and secure it with a nut. Use a locking nut, or tighten two regular nuts together. Adhere the base plate to the top (I used hot glue). I had to cut a corner off mine to account for the bolt. Fill it with Legos.

Step 4: Testing

Picture of Testing
I preformed several shake tests. When the trays were full, very little movement occurred. When the trays were not full, some movement took place, but the Legos remained upright.

This is my first Instructable, criticism is appreciated.
Great Idea! This is so cool!