This is the larger version of the Pocket Pal.
Essentially, airport and bus travel edition.

This big sucker is designed to let me get through the 1L zippi requirement at airport security without having to scatter everything everywhere else in my bag.

I can fit this thing into the 1L zippi bag, and away I go.

I haven't decorated this thing yet because,
A: It was the only container handy at the time.
B: I wanted into the Lonely Planet contest and don't check this site everyday, so I didn't have the time.
I'll edit this with the decorations once I get that far though.

Step 1: The Container

For this initial project, I reuse a container that had once belonged to moist wipes.
For it is small, hard enough plastic, squeaky clean and on hand.
-Does it make sense to you guys than when you go to buy the refill pack you find the starter with the container is cheaper??

Most people use them and don't admit to it. Keyboard junkies use them, mom's use them, mamaboy boyfriends who have snazzy girlfriends to house train them once they've been shown the trick. Call center employees and shift-workers that share cubicles -survive- on them sometimes.

The moist wipes in almost every brand are biodegradable to begin with and you can get away with tossing them in a recycling bin if your not being stalked in the office.
You might want to consider a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and a couple of pre-moistened towelettes. It's great for before and after that fast food lunch.
It's just not in the picture. It seems to have taken a walk with my smaller toothbrush and toothpaste. (I think my sister took them. Which is ew.) But it all fits. And there's a zippi with moist wipes in the box.
You forgot two major must-have-right-now's: tampons and/or condoms!
Ditto for the Pocket Pal, of course...
Yet another great ible from foxquarry. I have to show my wife this one. It is similar to her first aid kit.

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