Step 2: Preparing the Mesh

Picture of Preparing the Mesh
If you're already starting with a blank piece of mesh, skip this step.

Take your old pouf and peel back the layers until you find a string in the middle. This holds the whole thing together; cut it. You'll get a small piece of string and a very long piece of tubular mesh.
In order to get an accurate cut for the mesh, measure your length of mesh when it's pulled tightly from both ends. Use a ruler and cut about a foot of the mesh off from the end. This will equate to about an 8 to 10 inch square of unstretched mesh.
This is a good opportunity to clean the mesh. If your pouf is old, it'll be pretty oily. Normal soap doesn't seem to fix it, so try using some detergent or rubbing alcohol on it. Wash your hands, and move on to the next step.

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