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Visit the Highlands. They are a beautiful set of mountains, and lots of history lies in those craggy rocks.

Speak with the locals. Scottish are friendly and open,and will often be willing to share a sip of guinness or a bite of haggis.

Eat dat haggis! Speaking of witch, the haggis is a historical food that is the food of champs.

Travel off the path. Once seeing Glasgow,Edinburgh, and seeing the locals, get away from the crowd,and travel to the mountains, see some scotch sheep.

Oh, also, you might want to dig through your put-away-for-summer rain clothes. Scotland is furiously windy and rainy

And definitely see famous old Loch Ness. its a great place, and your kid may be the first to capture Nessie. Let her go,though. don't damage Scotland's natural beauty by taking one of its most historical and legendary items.

Happy Traveling,Lad!



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    All true and really, don't forget to have some Haggis!!! Went to Scotland and since I had promised myself to try it I ordered it. I must have looked at it for a few minutes before taking a forkful. To my surprise it was delicious! It was a very tasty dish made mostly of... wait for it..... OATMEAL! Put your fears aside, it's good :-)