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Introduction: Travel Toothpick Holder

About: My name is Alen and i study electronic engineering. I love to make anything that needs electricity, hack and mod things as well building anything AWESOME...

This is easy  toothpick holder that can be used in DIY survival kits or EDC kit or just for traveling

Step 1: You Will Need :

X-acto or something similar and ruler
Or scissors

Step 2: Printing

Now print this template to normal printer paper but i prefer something harder
Dimensions are 19x8 cm
You can also put some graphics on it

Step 3: Cut It

Cut it

Step 4: Fold It

Step 5: Put Toothpicks In

I made one from printer paper believe it's better with harder paper



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    looks similar to the little sewing kits you get at some hotels or in travel packs.

    Great idea. I need to carry around plastic "pics" all the time and find the cases they come in to be too bulky for my pockets. A more durable version of this could be made by printing out the template provided (maybe shrinking it about 20% for a more compact unit) and cutting it out as described above. However, that cutout could then be used to trace on a piece of plastic cut out from a plastic milk jug. Alternately, it could be printed onto a piece of Tyvek carefully cut out from a durable mailing envelope. Either way, a great idea made more durable - and the cost is next to nothing!!!!

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    I made plastic one but its should be more thinner plastic than milk jug


    I love it! I need to make some of these for my mom!