Taylor Holland 3/8/1989    Whitney Hendrix 6/3/1991

- To utilize our talents and abilities to inspire others by creating a traveling video blog that takes viewers on a journey less traveled.

This dream project is perfect for the both of us.  We want to take our shared passion of Photography and Videography, and use it to create a video blog that will document our journey across the United States.  Our plan is to arrange four-day travel plans that take us to beautifully captivating areas all across the U.S.  Combining our love for exploring nature with our passion for media, we will spend time enjoying the outdoors while also finding creative ways to help others in local areas we choose to visit.  

This is how we want to make our experiences unique.  We plan to use part of our budget to benefit others along the way.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

We have several ideas in mind that will enable us to reach out to others.  Personally knowing the importance of Hospice care, an idea we have is to donate to a local Hospice food bank or hand deliver meals to disabled people in need.  Other examples include; choosing strangers at random and offering our help, providing food and shelter for a homeless person, donating to a charity.  

In the end, our goal is to help illustrate to others that one doesn’t have to travel far to make a difference and enjoy the great America that we live in.  As long as we stay true to who we are as people helping people, we believe our project will be a success.
Thanks for your pointless concern. If it's not obvious, Our concern is to help others while also combining it with a shared passion. But I should not be surprised that someone like yourself would be more concerned about word interpretation, and make a rude comment downplaying our project idea. <br> <br>But to clarify, we would &quot;Utilize our talents and abilities to inspire others.&quot; The point to the contest was to pitch your &quot;Dream Idea or Passion project.&quot; This is our dream idea: To help others while also traveling and telling stories. This aspect is what would require funding. Traveling &quot;across the United States&quot; to remote areas that are &quot;less traveled.&quot; In doing so, it would bring awareness to viewers that happiness and goodwill can be shared wherever they may be. If this is not clear enough for you then I apologize in advance and would appreciate you keeping your concern within the U.K. <br> <br>Best, <br>Taylor Holland <br>
You were asking someone to give you the money for a big holiday, but in trying to justify this you wrote &quot;<em>illustrate to others that one doesn&rsquo;t have to travel far to make a difference and enjoy the great America that we live in.</em>&quot;<br> I don't understand this. Why travel far if one doesn&rsquo;t have to? And why make that point by doing it?<br> <br> L

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