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I recently rode my new Honda Ruckus scooter over 150miles in one day and had a great time. I rode form Columbus,Ohio to Akron, Ohio on a trip home after working in Columbus for the past 5 months. This was quite an undertaking due to the fact the Ruckus tops out at about 40mph so I had to ride the back roads the entire trip. The trip took a total of 6h 10min which included stopping for lunch, gas, and to figure out where I was and where I needed to go. On the plus side the Ruckus gets 100mpg and is a blast to ride.

My inspiration for buying this scooter and making this trip comes from one person, and his name is Wan. Wan is from South Korea and in last October he came to the US to travel to entire country on a Honda Ruckus. He has since put over 17,000miles on his Ruckus and will be heading back to Korea in July. His amazing story has been fully documented on TotalRuckus.com a forum dedicated to the scooter. Many members of the forum have supported him along the way, by allowing him to stay in their homes, eat their food and be tour guides to many locations across the US. A map of his journey with links to all of his posts and inspiring pictures is here Wan's Route I would recommend reading through all 160+ pages of parts 1 and 2 of this epic story. I guarantee you will be inspired by the good will of everyone evolved with his travels.

I wanted to go over a few tips I came up with during my recent travels so that if you ever make a trip like this you can be a little more prepared. My advice comes from my limited experience but I hope it can help
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BryanB1123 days ago
I just purchased a 1987 Honda Elite 150. Will probably stick to short trips until i get a new set of tires.
josh1 year ago

This is great! I'm planning a small motorcycle ride across the state of Arizona with a couple friends to raise money for a charity. thanks for your tips!

kevlar5576 years ago
I have a 84 Honda Aero 125, and when it runs right, I do some good 50+ mile trips, and it gets up to about 60 mph. Only problem is, is they only made it one year in the US, and parts are impossible to find.
I have accumulated many spare parts for the NX50 including a performance exhaust, cylinder and many parts fit Peugeot's too!
Honda Aero's are used on a daily basis at present in Turkey. The Aero shares its engine with other Honda models. I have 2 Honda NX50 Caren's in England and they are known as Express SR's in the USA. Parts are readily available for all small cc Honda's, It's just knowing where to look. Try MopedArmy, MopedMayhem, CMSL in Netherlands and 50cc.eu as a few to get you by with. The best thing about Honda's and the Chinese are now copying them, is that their models supercede each other, in other words, they change the style of the scooter but maintain the engine workings. The engine's have only been modified with removable restrictors to get them through the emission's law. I am a qualified Engineer and Motorcycle Technician; I have always found that people around the world love to share their moped, scooter and motorcycle experience's more than they do want to get involved with political and/or religious debate. It's comrarderie that we share unlike those who drive their 'tin box' auto's and hurl abuse at each other.
Are you Turkish as well?
Sorry, just seen your comment; I am English born and bred but live in a cosmopolitan community.
If you cannot keep up with ambient traffic flow you are too slow & thus are a ROLLING HAZARD!. Get a Big Ruckus so you can at least stay out of people's way. Geez...
enicolay3 years ago
Hey, I am planning a 1500km (aprox. 900 miles) trip in December. I've got a 2007 Yamaha BeeWee 100cc, got advices? Oh, and there will be a point in my journey where filling stations are rarely seen. Email me to gsonhos@mail.ru to give me tips please ;)
11tillr4 years ago
i love the idea of the ruckus, i have a drz400, but i have always wanted to find a cheap ruckus and modd it out, they look like soo much fuuuun!
stormy03145 years ago
I rode my Ruckus for 40 miles one day and my butt was so sore I couldn't sit down for a week. What's the answer to a comfortable long ride?
A lowered seat. You can get one at Battlescooter or elsewhere on the Interwebs. Checkout TotalRuckus.com.
Shai Gar4 years ago
I've already got 21000 km's on mine. I've only owned it since September 2008.
spylock5 years ago
Back in the 80s I had a moped,and I too at 16 years old would take long day trips,it for me was Freedom,it was one of the best investments Ive ever made,I logged a few thousand miles the summers of 85 and 86 and would recomend it to the young and young a heart alike.The scooters are alot more reliable and are a little faster from what I hear,only now you have to wear a helmet in VA. and we didnt back then,I think I may buy a scooter this year and do it again,its such fun.
skylardewil6 years ago
Do I spy a light- up Indiana Jones spoon? Those are the best...
stevepuk6 years ago
I had a 125cc motorbike until recently when someone decided I wasn't going fast enough and tried to overtake me while there was an oncoming truck, he then knocked me off, wrote off the bike and injured me and my girlfriend quite badly. So another tip I would say is if some jerk behind you seems to want to get past consider pulling over. It might cost you a minute, but better that than spending months with nasty infected open wounds which you will have because you don't seem to be wearing protective clothing. So there's another tip wear protective clothing. I got a new motorbike now a 650cc, that still gets over 60mpg and my girlfriend got a new 125 that can go a bit faster than the old one and manages 110mpg!
Rishnai7 years ago
Great instructable. Being an insatiable tinkerer, I'm in the early stages of a plan to make a an under-50cc scooter do 65 for long distances, more than once. I've got some pretty wild mods on the list. Any ideas that might help even the slightest?
Convert it to run on methanol, that should speed it up easily!
Hmm... I had thought about that, since the effective "octane" of alcohol is higher. The loss of gas mileage wouldn't be a big sacrifice, but fueling it up when on the road could be tricky. E-85, perhaps.
shark546 years ago
i think hes drunk
Balaszi7 years ago
Get a motorcycle!! j/k cool post...but ask yourself, are you a mod or a rocker?
Doug Costlow (author)  Balaszi7 years ago
I've got one. A 76' Honda CB200T, but its not running right now. hopefully in a few weeks though. So where does that put me, more mod or more rocker
I would say more rocker, but how about the Aprilia Mana, full or semi-automatic transmission, and a phoney fuel tank. But then again it does have a V-Twin. Motorcycle or scooter? Mod or rocker? Does anyone care?
aprilia mana.jpg
Hmm, it's pretty small but at least your legs are on the sides and not in front...haha! I suppose once it runs you'll be leaning more rockerly.
ottorax6 years ago
Ya, good article. I always travel prepared, but hadn;t thought about a hydration pack. good call! I have a honda c70 and was looking into an 89 mile trip home myself on backroads.
ShaiGar6 years ago
I'm considering doing a cross Australia trip on my Sym VS 125 scooter. Australia isn't as populated as America and I'm starting from Darwin, NT. Me thinks I'm going to have to tinker with your plan somewhat.
fitztrev7 years ago
That's awesome! Looks like a great trip and a lot of fun!
I used to have a Little Ruck but didn't really feel safe in traffic-- a little too slow. I now have a 125 which is much better for around town.
CRYROLFE7 years ago
Anyone know how to get a little dog on ruckus? Is there a carrier or something like that? He is about 20lbs and is a Boston.
Well, Here in Kansas we put them in a basket. Have you tried a pet "tote". I would think that you could mount it to the Ruckus. I used to ride my scoot with my dog in my jacket but did not feel this was safe. I made a tote from a soft sided Large thermal cooler. I just cut a hole for her head to stick out. Samantha is a weiner dog and the tote is large enough for her to lay down in or poke her head out to see what is going on.
mail7 years ago
how long ago did you get this ruckus? the newer ones only come in the 50cc models that have a top speed of 40 mph for some reason *cough*gascompanies*cough*. the big ruckus is practically the same thing as a ruckus -other than the fact that it was a bigger and a hell of a lot faster (75 mph)- it even had the same gas mileage as today's ruckus.
*cough*What exactly do the "gas companies" have to do with the top speed of a 50cc motorscooter? Physics plays no part, huh?*cough*
I'm not complaining about the speed of the scooter itself. I know that motors like this can't put out as much energy as larger one. the only thing I was complaining about is that the big ruckus still had a pretty good gas mileage and was cancelled.
I doubt politics played a part. I liked the Big Ruckus too, but it was way more expensive than the regular Ruckus, and that's probably what killed it. Too bad they don't make a Ruckus with a CT-110 powertrain, including manual tranny and dual range. Those things were bulletproof, got 100 mpg and would at least do 55.
i only recently figured out about the big ruckus. i didn't know they were expensive. i have only seen the prices for the ones on sale today and they were for about $5,000.
I've seen the regular Ruckus on sale at a dealership for as little as $1295. A couple of days ago I saw a 1962 ad in an old magazine, for the Honda Trail 50. Not the later Mini-Trail 50, but an adult-sized bike similar to the later Trail 90. It was factory rated at 65 mph top speed, and up to 200 mpg. Several companies in China are building licensed copies of those old Honda engines; they could build that bike and sell it for $1000, and they could sell a million of them. I would buy one.
wow. thanks!
hey! your the person who made all of those clean energy projects! i really like the solar panel one.
Doug Costlow (author)  mail7 years ago
The big ruckus was only sold for two years in the US, 05 and 06. It went faster than then the ruckus because it had a 250cc engine, and got roughly 55-70mpg, which is less than the 100mpg I have been constantly getting on the ruckus. More info on the Big Ruckus from an owner of one can be found here, Big Ruckus FAQ
thanks... i just saw that you replied to my message.
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