This is my take on the classic Towers of Hanoi game. In this version, the base doubles as a storage compartment for the pegs and the dowels, to allow for easy storage and transport.

I used scrap wood I had lying around (pine and tri ply), but I'm sure you could make this out of anything from MDF to a noble wood.

I've attached a small SketchUp plan and a PDF version to show the dimensions of the cuts (all in mm). Let's get building!

Edit: I've just realized that all my dimensions are off by a factor of 10. Simply disregard the extra "0" at the end of each notation. Sorry for that!

Step 1: Top and Side Panels

Using the dimensions in the plan as a reference, cut the top, bottom and side panels.

You'll notice that the bottom panel is slightly thicker (150mm) than the top (100mm). This was in part due to the fact that I had a thicker piece of wood lying around, but also because I wanted to use it as a base to "fix" my dowels properly. More on that later.

<p>i've played this be4, it was very challenging, but very fun! except the first time i did it i just put it back in the same spot, then i put it in the middle which was on the left be4 awesome puzzle game &lt;3 it! :D</p>

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