In this instructable i will show you how to make a cool affordable light bar.

Things You'll Need:
1 . 3-4 Minature bayonet base lamp holders
2. 3-4 Mini Bayonet base bulbs
3. Speaker Wire
4. Electrical Tape
5. Sodering iron (optional)
6. Find a battery, for me im using a 7.2v RC battery
7. Paint/Paintbrush Red (optional) (tail light)

STEP 1: place bulbs in holders and attach yous speaker wire by twisting it around the metal pins (on the holders there is no positive/ Negative)

STEP 2: arrange your bulbs in the circular cut outs on the slash front bumper

STEP 3: Tape down

STEP 4: twist all speaker wire together

STEP 5: Attach your battery, for 7.2v rc Battery RED=(+) BLACK=(-) Red->Gold, Black-> Silver

and there you go, test out the lights by bouncing it around to see if the wiring is louse. also make sure that the gold and silver wires DO NOT touch! 
with no idea what a traxxas is I was thinking what kind of light would those little bulbs give you, THEN I realized it was for RC.... I bet it looks really wicked at night
It does, especespecially with the red light in the back, i also learned why its not good to have them on a off roading rc........ with excessive shaking filment breaks, so im investing in leds.

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