Introduction: Tray From an Aluminium Can

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Create your original tray with a can !

Warning : The can can cut your fingers because it is sharp !

A can
A pair of scissors
A craft knife

Step 1:

Find a can to make your tray. Choose one with a design you like.

Step 2:

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Cut off the top of the can, 1cm down with craft knife

Step 3:

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You have to cut a thin strip, 1cm with a pair of scissors, from the top down.
Cut to the bottom of the can but don't cut all the way through

Step 4:

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Draw back the thin strips ( like a sun ) with your hands

Step 5:

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After that you have to weave the thin strips each one under the others.
Look at the pictures to do the same.

Step 6:

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To finish, you have to turn over your tray and fold under any ends that one sticking out.
Fold them and press on them.


ToryDidIT (author)2015-03-25

try this
It's called the CanPeeler

craftmachine (author)2012-08-28

Love it!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-12-01

That is cool! Have you used it for anything yet?

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