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I changed jobs recently and replaced a daily  bicycle commute with a home office - great to work from home, but no commute took a toll on my exercise routine.  Answer?  Treadmill Desk!

Three basic steps to building the desk, all go into each in detail

1 - Gather materials
2 - Remove and remount controls
3 - Build and install desk
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Step 1: Acquire Materials

Picture of Acquire Materials
You will need:

1 - A treadmill  - doesn't have to be top of the line, but should be stable and relatively quite.  I used a Nordic Track C2200.  From Craigslist - $120
2 - 1/2 sheet 3/4 finish grade Plywood
3 - Wood screws
4 - scrap 1x1
5 - 2ea 3-way PVC Elbows
6 - ~ 3' 3/4 PVC  & 3' 1 1/2 PVC
7 - 2ea large hose clamps

stain and paint as desired

Your materials may be slightly different based on the treadmill you use.

Step 2: Remove and Remount Controls

Picture of Remove and Remount Controls
I had considered completely tearing down the control and installing just a couple of buttons on the desk itself, but decided to go this way as it would be a lot less work, and I can return the treadmill to it's original state if I want.

The control was attached to the treadmill with 11 screws, a multi-wire connector and a ground wire.  After removing all of it, I fashioned a new bracket with PVC pipe, using 1 1/2" for the uprights and 3/4" for the cross piece, then spray painting it back.

the bracket then attaches to the upright with hose clamps.  I rerouted the control wire through the upright, then back to the control.  You can see it in the second picture looped over the PVC.  I reattached the ground wire to the upright at the level of the control
WUVIE2 years ago
Nice. I like this a lot. I didn't want to pay as much for the desk as I did the treadmill, but that is all I could find online. Until I found your Instructable! Many thanks!
WUVIE WUVIE2 years ago
P.S. Love that you moved the treadmill panel and kept the handles 'handy' even through the wood.