Step 11: The office of the future

Picture of The office of the future
When we've got all three treadmills running, and we're laser-focused on getting things done, the Instructables lab has been described as "astronaut training camp."  Add a baby in a-single-piece-of-fabric sling and you've got the office of the future that isn't at odds with our evolutionary past. 
sbiickert4 years ago
Thanks for posting this Instructable! It was great to show the variations on the design (attaching everything to the treadmill, mounting stuff on the wall) and the pros and cons of each. I finished my own variation on the idea last night, and today marks my first walking day of work. So far, so good. I went with the mini-desk attached to the rails for the keyboard and mouse, and the monitor on a shelf attached to the wall. The desk is made of 3/4" plywood. The desk slips onto the rails of the treadmill without modification to the tread.
greybunny5 years ago
 I've tried doing this with a stationary bike -- because I have one. I never thought to just go really slow. Have y'all tried with a bike or any other form of exercise things? I have trouble nodding off or daydreaming while studying, and have to stop often to recharge.
melafefonim5 years ago
that baby is so cute! and the treadmill desk is pretty cool too.