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Introduction: Treadmill Skateboarding

This is going to be entered into the Horny Toad Invent a Sport Contest. This instructable will teach you how to skateboard on a treadmill. I do not want to be HELD RESPONSIBLE for any accidents to people or property!

Thank you to all the people at google who let me use these pics for my instructable.

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Step 1: Gather Items

1.a skateboard
2.a treadmill
3.a helmet
4.a sense of humor open space might want to wear knee pads and armpads because this can really hurt if you do it the wrong way.

Step 2: Put on Your Equipment

Put your helmet, knee pads, and arm pads on.

Step 3: Turn on Your Treadmill

Turn your treadmill on low or med depending on your abilities.

Step 4: Start Boarding!

Put your board on the treadmill and start riding! Be sure to hold on to the handles to prevent injuries. Have Fun!



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    Perfect for rainy days!

    How about you get a rope and attach it to the board and part of the tread mill so you don't have to hold on to the rail things.

    firs of all, no helmet armpads kneepads
    i dont wear ampads when i skate cuz you dont need arms to skate unless u are doind invertz and cavemans

    this dude needs skate shoose, try fallen or vox

    1 reply

    your do need the protective gear as if you fall your likly to be resting on it after you fall off, this way you dont mess up your knees or elbows

    kinda eliminates the point of skateboarding...

    fartnocker - your arms are an extremely important factor in keeping your balance while skateboard, or pretty much any sport for that matter. also, it's better to be safe than sorry!

     i am a very serios skater and i dont wear armpads cuz you dont need your arms to skate.
    im your arms shrivel up and fall off you could skate fine(exept for handplants and that stuff)

    so you basically do nothing your just standing on the board and not moving thats not a sport

    9 replies

    and if this isn't a sport then neither is regular skateboarding, try telling that to tony hawk or bam margera or all of the other big skateboarders.

    no this is not a sport rody mullen did not invent the moving ollie or kickflip on a treadmill he did them on asphalt regular skateboarding is done on no moving ground because if your moving < this way and the treadmill surface is moving > that way then virtually you should not be going any distance last note(and response to you on this instructable): regular skate board is dependent on you kick-pushing to move in this you are standing and holding on to railing which does not meet criteria for actual skateboarding nor being a sport since a you are not strategically thinking (like in chess or golf) and b there is no physical exhortation because you are standing but this does classify as something cool to try while you are bored out of your mind on summer day ; )

    its good practice for skitching though....................

    u are in fact phsyically ehortating by standing. chess and poker are sitting and moving your hands....

    thanks man sorry if i made u mad.

    its harder than it sounds. try it, then post a comment

    actually i tried it today it's not that hard the only tricky thing is to gradually increase speed or you wont be able to get on

    to make it fun try to do moves, like kickflips and ollies, its hard but way more fun

    i cant my treadmill has sides on it so the skateboard get go lengthwise