Introduction: Treasure Box for Dividing Money and Documents and Other Stuff

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If you are a busy worker just organize your money and documents and different other things

Step 1: The App

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Download this amazing app It is called 123D design and is free !!!!!!

Step 2: The Box

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1- add a cube and size it the way you want and just hollow it so you make a hole at the top 2- add another cube and size it like a straight surface 3-add hinge 01 to the end of the box as in the picture 4- finally you can get the long surface and stick it to the hinge and delete the side that is facing the box in the hinge and add the nail to the circles in the hinge as in the picture

Step 3: Money Box

Picture of Money Box

1- Now add a slab at the floor 2- add two walls to the slab 3- add the other two walls for the other two sides like in the picture 4- add a wall opening as the ceiling so you can rotate it

Step 4: Detail of the Box

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1-Add the money bank or box to the box and make sure it fits perfectly 2-add one cube size it the same size in the wide and hollow it and shorten it as in the picture 3- now delicate the hollowed cube and put it next to the other one inside the bow as shown in the picture

Step 5: Documents Box

Picture of Documents Box

1- Add an original cube and hollow it and size it perfectly then stick it to the box

Step 6: Color It !!!

Picture of Color It !!!

Now you color it the way you want

Step 7: Enjoy!!!!

Picture of Enjoy!!!!

There you have your organized working treasure box !!!!!!!!


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