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Bringing treats to a party, or event, heres a free/cheap cupcake, cookie, treat box..  cuz really who knows if you'll get that dish back..

Go forth, gather some boxes!

(instructions are in little notes in the images)

Step 1: Tear Open Box

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Step 2: Put Together

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Step 3: Cover Gooop!

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Step 4: Cut Bevels and Shut.

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lemonie (author)2010-02-02

Your words are few, as I look at image #1 it strikes me as a mailing-box - how have you modified it? (not familiar with these boxes)


Weissensteinburg (author)lemonie2010-02-02

I think they usually open from the thin side.

lemonie (author)Weissensteinburg2010-02-02

Right, this converts it to a Pizza-box?


Weissensteinburg (author)lemonie2010-02-03

 Precisely. It is a clever use for something you can get for free, though. 

lemonie (author)Weissensteinburg2010-02-03

But for how long? Over here people will sell you boxes, they'll not give them away. How long before the US postal service gets wise..?


misformiche (author)lemonie2010-02-04

oh but they are wise.
you can not ship something none-priority in a priority box.
im sure they have calculated an estimate of how many boxes they will lose and figured it into the cost of the shipping. also most priority boxes are Flat rate.  thus the cost to the customer is fixed, despite how much it weights (im sure there are limits)  some people will ship lighter things, some will ship heavier things. thus the cost evens out for them.

and trust me, its hard to disguise a priority box from a postal worker, even wrapped in brown paper. they are very specific sizes, and the workers know.
they also have priority mail printed on the inside as well so you cant simple turn them inside out an retape them.
(ive tried, as i try to recycle things, and do not always need or want to ship things priority)

misformiche (author)misformiche2010-02-04

unless theres a super surge on "treat-box makers" and other uses of them  i doubt a dent would even be made. ;)

lemonie (author)misformiche2010-02-04

This would be the second Instructable I've seen pointing out that these things are free. It's some kind of honesty system I guess? Cardboard packaging costs, and one day you'll be paying for it. (so stock-up while you can!)


misformiche (author)lemonie2010-02-04

note comment above.
they are paid for by the consumer in one way or another.
you just arent made acutely aware of the fact that you are paying for them.
 since it doesn't say "box" "$$"on  the receipt.

besides, i often mail things in them after ive used them as treatboxes.

you could definitely fit a calzone. perhaps two if you situated them in a specific way.

lemonie (author)misformiche2010-02-04

It's the I'bles on "free boxes" which might possibly shift the situation. If enough people get this idea the US Postal service will start charging for boxes. It's a good idea, but it needs to be exploited before the service catches up.


misformiche (author)lemonie2010-02-04

you could fit a small pizza :) . but not a standard pizza without bending it.

lemonie (author)misformiche2010-02-04



admin (author)2010-02-02

Nice way to repurpose priority mail supplies!

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