Trebuchet (working) model step by step free plans and instructions

Picture of Trebuchet (working) model step by step free plans and instructions
Hi There,

My name is Jeroen and I live in Holland. I am a low profile hobbyist mainly building models or just things from wood. Mostly I use just a picture to build the model by creating my own drawings.

This year after a family break in France I have seen a huge Trebuchet I was impressed by it's power and simplicity. After discussing with my kids to build one (small scale) together I started to search the web. I ended on wikipedia where you can find a picture of an impressive model of a trebuchet and decided to build one with my kids.

I found out that this model is also available to purchase on line (179$). However my challenge has always been to build something on my own. I used the picture above to create the building instructions and set the dimensions of the model since the building plans and instructions of this model can not be found on the internet.

To build this model I used only wooden strips 12mmx12mm and round wood of 6mm, thin rope and glue. The material costs for this model will en up around 25$. Next to this I decided to build this one without nails or screws. So everything interlocks and was attached by wooden pins (and some glue).

Tools: Sander, multi tool, vertical dril, battery screwdriver and some general small tools.

I will try to provide everyone with all the tools to create one on your own. Any tips, comments or requests are welcome since this is the first time I use a Blog, thanks and have fun.

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jkølbl4 days ago

Hi... still continue on this model?

jeroentrebuchet (author)  jkølbl4 days ago
Hi, Yes,... it is finished. However I need to update the instructable.
Thanks for the reminder :-). In case you need anything, just let me know.

Cheers, J
zachharvin3 months ago

Great model, trying to make one myself for an engineering project, anyway to see the entire plans? I've been trying to recreate yours, but would really like to make it pretty much the same as yours looks. If it is possible please let me know, thanks.

mattizinn3 months ago

This is awesome! Any chance we could get the last few bits??

joebella3 months ago

awesome looking machine ,, any chance you would have complete plans , if so could yo plz e-mail them ?????? Thank You .

Hi Jeroen, me and my friends want to built a trebuchet for our Engineering project, could you please share your plans with us? Thanks ;)

tacmyers4 months ago

Hi Jeroentrebuchet-- my son has to build a trebuchet for a class project. Yours looks awesome. I would love to have the plans.

tacmyers at gmail dot com

CalebC16 months ago

Awesome Job! Can I have the prints?


tateburns6 months ago

hi i need you to send the prints to me thanks and please

tateburns6 months ago

i am going to build this

legoloekie9 months ago

Hallo Jeroen,

Mijn zoontje is helemaal wild van jou trebuchet en nu wil hij dat ik hem ga maken.

Mogen wij de laatste bouwinstructies van jou ontvangen. Mijn mail is

jkølbl9 months ago

Hi Jeroen,

beautiful model. I am building a similar, only I do not have complete documentation. could you send it?

CBoerZ10 months ago
ik ben van plan om deze na te maken hij is echt gaaf


I am interested in building a model myself. can you send me the instructions please.


Beautiful design. We are starting a 5th Grade science project and would be interested in your plans to see if we can build one.

lbonde1 year ago

Great work dude. I'm building one of these but only using the images that i found on the internet, i'd love to have the plans. Will you upload the final steps? Or can you send them to my email (


imi08271 year ago

Hello Sir!That's great! I would like to build this one! Could you send me the plans of this trebuchet to ?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


xavicargol1 year ago
I like your work so much. could you please send me the rest of the instructions to my email adress? ( thanjs a lot!!
Hi! your trebuchet is amazing, I would really like to build it!
will you upload the final steps? i can't see them, from 8 to 15 (don't know if i'm having visualization problems, or if the last steps are still missing)
thank you for sharing your work!
Hi Laura, thanks for your kind message. Great to hear that you are going to build the model. I live in Amsterdam and it is quite cold right now (freezing temperatures). Therefore it is just to cold to work in my garage in the evening hours :-), later this week the temperature will go up again and I think I will start finalizing the model before the end of the week. It is not finished yet, it is work in progress. SO I will finish asap.
Hope this helps. Cheers. Jeroen
Hello Jerome. I am a high school student in the US who is currently taking an engineering class. Our first project is to make a model trebuchet. How light is your design and whats the biggest part that you use? Also, could you send me a sketch with dimesions of your trebuchet? Thank you very much.
jeroentrebuchet (author)  aspatafore142 years ago
Hi, Thanks for your message. I will be more than happy to help out. PLease send me your e-mail and will send you a download link with all info. PLease keep me informed on your progress. Great that someone will build this model as well. Thanks,
jeroentrebuchet (author) 2 years ago
Finally I'm on Facebook :-)
The Facebook link is:
Toga_Dan2 years ago
NIce model ! Can you power it with hamsters ?

A pic of this model is on wiki under trebs.
jeroentrebuchet (author)  Toga_Dan2 years ago
Hamsters,... Hm That could work,.. :-) let's finish the project first. You are correct about the model on Wiki. That is what I meant about the costs for the model (175$). Therefore
I am building this model based on that picture and old drawings of the actual Trebuchet.
Much cheaper and cooler to build without building instructions, measurements and original precut parts.
Probly the way they did things back in the day. Tape measure??? PSHAW!
"I have seene ye olde trebuchet in Paris. It was about 17 paces long by 5 of me tall..."
"Aye, but we don' have timbers thaht big. could we uuse smaller wones?"
jeroentrebuchet (author)  Toga_Dan2 years ago
Thanks for your comment. It was not meant to be powered by hamsters, however,... :-) Yes indeed this version of a trebuchet is on Wiki. This is also a model that can be purchased. However this model costs about 179$. This is way to way to expensive so I decided to build this model from the picture.
boophord2 years ago
Your model looks great! Have you finished it? I would love to see more of the process, thanks!
jeroentrebuchet (author)  boophord2 years ago
Just started with the project again. Hopefully you like it and follow the project.
I love the craftsmanship and complexity of your trebuchet. I would really love to tackle such a project but your pics confuse me a bit and there aren't any dimensions or measurements. Maybe I am missing something... at any rate, when it is finished you should take 360 degree pics and perhaps some key close-ups. Also may I suggest that you make some kind of drawings of each main components.I really would like to build this little beauty. If you can send me some dimensions I would be eternally grateful :)
jeroentrebuchet (author)  Angrierbeaver2 years ago
Hi, Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your positive feedback. I truly hope you will decide to build this model as well. I will be more than willing to answer any questions and help you out where needed. The building instructions and measurements you can find within the set of pictures of each step in the intructable of the trebuchet. Today I will upload step 7 including some current model dimensions, turnaround pictures and detailed pictures. IF you need any additional info, just let me know.
jeroentrebuchet (author) 2 years ago
Hi, Thanks for the comments. I promise that I will finish the Trebuchet in the next few weeks and will work on it daily (in the lost hours). I received a remark to provide technical drawings. However I have already uploaded them and they are in the instruct able overview between the pictures. In case you would like to receive the full set in a download link, just let me know and I will forward you the link. Cheers, J
kretzlord2 years ago
Absolutely excellent. I made a trebuchet for an AP Physics final, but it didn't look nearly as good as this beauty. Awesome Job
jeroentrebuchet (author)  kretzlord2 years ago
Thanks for your comment. Do you have a picture of yours? Thanks J
i'm bad about taking pictures of my builds :( and that was back in 2005, i don't think i have anything from 7 years ago lol
PeckLauros2 years ago
I did mine with lollypop sticks. See video in this instructables:

But you did it much better. Good work!
jeroentrebuchet (author)  PeckLauros2 years ago
Just watched your video, :-) well done you,.... Cheers J
WWC2 years ago
Great workmanship. Takes a lot of patients.
jeroentrebuchet (author)  WWC2 years ago
Thanks for your comment, Cheers Jeroen
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