I made this trebuchet a while back, and found that it could hurl a small fishing weight about 100 feet each time.  A trebuchet can fling a projectile by using the counterweight to pull up the arm and the sling.  The trebuchet was built to throw their projectiles high and not as far as possible.  In medieval times the trebuchet would be used as a seige weapon to throw corpses over the walls of a castle or fort, causing the inhabitants of the castle or fort to contract diseases and to die or weaken.

     Here is a link to the original plans http://www.schenectady.k12.ny.us/users/pattersont/IBDT%20Website/FinalActivityMay05.html
<p>Looks sweet. Definately building this.</p>
can you send me the plane and sizes?
<p>Hey, I&rsquo;m sorry but I have moved to Germany for a year and I don&rsquo;t have any measurements with me, and I did not bring the trebuchet. I can look online for the plans that we originally used, but we made it 8 years ago.</p>
I don't see any dimensions anywhere. Anyone have them?
I haven't had the time to post them yet. I am very busy with life and have moved twice since I have posted this so I don't know where it is yet.
do you have any instructions <br>if so please make or send to me <br>me got history project
can you post ? please ? i'll DEFINATELY make this if you post!!!
I'll try to but I can't make a new one or take it apart so it will just be pics with lengths and other notes.
okay I think that's enough to build... Thanks!
i will post so if you wait it will be more detailed than the current one. i am currently having problems on it and it wont let me put the pics on.
okay man, i'll wait ;)
Cool! A good history lesson also. Plus, now you seiging army will have cover fire!
Looks great!
thanks and thanks for the 5.0
np =D

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