Step 2: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
  • Arduino Uno (any will work)
Motor Controller Power
  • 9V Battery (to power the Arduino)
  • Approximately 12V LiPo or Li-ion battery (I modified a laptop battery, so I did not even need to buy a charger)
  • 5V regulator (To regulate power to the motor controller logic circutry)
  • 9V Battery clip
  • Barrel connector (Must fit the Arduino power connector)
Other Electronics
  • 12'  3/4" x 1/8" Aluminum Bar (These come in 6' lengths at my local hardware store)
  • 6" x 3" acrylic sheet (Electronics are mounted to this)
  • 6x Standoffs with screws
  • 1' Threaded rod and corresponding 1/2" nut
  • 2X 1' x 3/16" steel rod
  • 1' x 3/16" I.D. Brass Tubing
  • 4X 5mm Aluminum Universal Mounting Hub
  • Pack of large T Pins
  • 4X 3/32 screws (to mount the motors)
  • An assortment of 4/40 screws and nuts
  • Assorted hex screws and nuts
  • 4X Bic pens (I used the plastic shafts to fix the pots on the legs in place)
  • 4X Locknuts
  • 5 Minute epoxy
  • Sheet metal scraps (For spacing and mounting things. Bits of Meccano work well)
  • Stick on Velcro (For holding on the batteries)
  • Hard Drive reading head bearing
  • 3/4" Plastic angle
  • Electrical Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Electric Drill / Drill press (As well as a lot of bits)
  • Hacksaw
  • Soldering Iron
  • Pliers
  • Allen wrench
  • Assorted screwdrivers
  • Wire Strippers
  • C Clamp (These can be used to make nice  90 degree bends in the aluminum)
  • Ruler
  • Files

can you/anyone explain me about the connections btwn motor,motor driver,rotation sensor and arudino pl..??