Tree Decoration/Gift Tag




Introduction: Tree Decoration/Gift Tag

This is a fun make it yourself gift that is multi useful! You can use it as a gift tag as well as a tree ornament.

I made mine from ceramic because I have access to the equipment necessary, however, the steps can be applied to air dry clay as well.

Step 1: Supplies

Clay, rolling pin, mark making tools, brush, sponge and paint (in my case I used underglaze and clear glaze, if air dried clay is used tempera or acrylic can be used and then I would suggest sealing with modge podge or polyurethane.)

Step 2: Creating Tree Shape

roll clay and imprint assorted marks using a a variety of found objects.

Then use tree shaped cookie cutter to cut ornament. Remember to put a hole in the top of the tree to hang.

Step 3: Painting

After the clay is bisqued (or if you are using air dry clay be sure it is completely dry) paint the tree white then lightly wipe away excess paint with the sponge leaving some paint in the designs in the clay.

I then glaze and fire the ceramics to make the permanent and glossy. If air dry clay is used treat with modge podge or polyurethane.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Tye a ribbon through the hole in the top of the tree, The back of the tree can be inscribed and attached to another gift as a tag or just given as a memento.



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