Picture of Tree Line Log Wall Art/ Coat Hook
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When ever I see logs, I just fall in love with it. I just love rustic, so yes....sometimes people see me carrying branches to my vehicle and you will find them rolling their eyes with a smile.

So when I came across Tracy Meldon's focus tree line art, I just had to do it as I had the branches ! It's super easy and fun to do with kids. No two log slice will be the same as the colors keep changing :-)

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

Of course some logs :-)

Chop saw or any saw to slice the log


Acrylic paint

White glue

Hanging hardware and hook

Lasy Susan/ Turntable -Compulsory if you are going to paint

Step 2: ​Preparation

Picture of ​Preparation
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20140524_160711 (800x600).jpg

First Cut your logs into slices. A chop saw wood be great here ;-)

It would be best if you can dry it well.

Drill a hole and nail your hanging hook.

It is best to soak the slices in wood preservative to prevent termites getting into it.

Now I first coated it with varnish and found out the slices kept drinking it! So I coated it with 2 thick layers of white glue.

If you like it to be just plain rustic, you can now just coat it with varnish. Add hooks if you want to use as a coat hook too :-).

If you like some color, follow next step. Do it with kids, it's fun :-)

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shazni (author)  karanvishalsingh1120147 months ago

How would you like me to help you?

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7897057818 plz help me

lamnhutminh8 months ago
really like it
shazni (author)  lamnhutminh8 months ago

Thank you :-)

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Looks great! Awesome idea!
shazni (author)  hanfisher231 year ago

Thank you so much! Please vote if you like once the voting tab comes :-)

How cool Shazni :), I really liked the colors.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

Thanks Tarun :-)