Tree Powered Dump Truck





Introduction: Tree Powered Dump Truck

I converted my dump truck to run on woodgas. Starting with my woody gasifier ( I welded up some skids and installed the gasifier, then went to work on assembling the fuel delivery system. Once finished I had a woodgas manifold that looked like something out of the cartoon "Snorks" and still had use of gasoline for hill climbing power. Then it was time to take the beast down the road. Between the truck and the full load of dirt, we had to be pushing at least 10,000 pounds, maybe more.

You can learn more about this and other woodgas powered projects at



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    I would like to see the video but its marked private.

    Please don't add a video if it is private.

    why is the video private???

    love it! awesome. Normally the gasoline going in helps cool the engine (spark plugs and valves), do u think the hot gases going in (not cool liquid gas) will burn the valves?

    Whats the max stable speed on it?
    ie. going 100 miles an hour but by compromising the system doesn't count.
    Up to how many mph is the system dependable?

    looks awesome, just one question.

    what if you park this for some period of time like 3-4 hours, what do you do with the gasifier?, do you let it burn?, you turn it off? o what?

    Is it a 427?

    P.S. Love the truck

    i love the truck what is it

    Oh mate, I cracked out at the fact that you are doing everything by yourself! Get an assistant or something. :-) Is there a cameraman, there? Great job there, excellent video!.. K.