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This is a great way to have a tree in your own home without the mess! Things you will need, Expanding foam Chicken wire Worsen stake News paper ( I found a roll of packaging paper that worked well) Tan spray paint Brown paint Black paint Paint brushes Fake tree branches Wire Hula hoop Lets get started!

Step 1: The Trunk

Picture of The Trunk
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F!or the trunk we first need to have a frame. I made my frame from a sodden stake that I stapled heavy duty chicken wire to. Then I got my newspaper and duct taped it around the whole trunk so no Erie was showing. Make sure the newspaper doesn't sag. Now draw guidelines of where you want the bark strips to be. Now with you'd expanding foam spray it on your structure following your guidelines. With a spray bottle spray with water. Then let dry until firm.*when using expanding foam wear gloves* Now the trunk is dry spray with the tan spray paint and let dry. With a paint brush paint black in the gaps of the trunk and where ever else you think it needs to be. Now let your creative side take roll and do detailing with brown paint. Once dry you have your trunk.
andruppets (author) 1 year ago
I got the leaves from Michaels craft store. No I didn't cut the hula hoop in half. You can either use a very small hula hoop or get two sizes of styro foam wreathe forms from a craft store. Put the big one near the top of the trunk and the small one above. Then you can just stick the leaves directly into that.
lcoates11 year ago
Where did you get the leaves and did you cut the hula hoop in half? Trying to envision the top of the tree better. Thanks!