Tree Sap Glue for a Glue Gun





Introduction: Tree Sap Glue for a Glue Gun

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have you ever been stuck without glue sticks?

this will show you how to make tree sap glue sticks!

Step 1: Things You Need

  1. a pine tree (i used an austrian pine)
  2. a glue stick(to push stuff out of a length of pipe)
  3. a piece of pipe (about as big as the glue stick)
  4. a glue gun
  5. OPTIONAL: gloves

Step 2: Get Some Tree Sap!

find a tree that has some sap coming off of it and just grab a chunk (make sure to leave enough for the tree to heal)

the tree that i got my sap from had holes from a wood pecker and was just covered in sap

Step 3: Heat It Up and Squish It in to the Pipe

using hot water or a microwave heat it up until it is plyable and squish it into the pipe

Step 4: Cool It Down!

using water or a freezer cool the pipe with the sap in it for a few minutes

Step 5: Push It Out

using the glue stick push the sap out of the pipe

Step 6: Use It!

put it in your glue gun and use it!

NOTE: depending on how hard the sap is you may have to push it with a regular glue stick



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    if tree sap holds much but on the short hand it might get the house smelling good!

    Dude, more pictures! This is an awesome idea, I'd love to know how your tests came out. You're onto something really cool here...

    thanks! I'll try this again in a bit (I have quite a few instructables I'm working on (that on top of school!) so it might be awhile)

    well i thought it looked a little like the jurassic park mosquito thing so i encased a dead bee in it

    Could you please add photo of result?

    If I'm not mistaken the native americans used sap as glue, specifically when building such implements as arrows and other tools. I think it can be hardened like epoxy with extreme heat, but I'm not positive. It's called "Pitch glue"