Picture of Tree Stand Retrieval Tool
Make a tool to retrieve items dropped while in a tree stand from a #8/0 treble hook, a small magnet, some nylon cord, and a piece of PVC pipe. If you've ever climbed your stand and then dropped a glove, hat, release aid, or other item, you'll appreciate this easy to make tool. The hook should be able to catch just about any fabric article and the magnet should be strong enough to pick up a knife, multi-tool, broadhead, or release aid.
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Step 1: Gather your tools & materials.

Picture of Gather your tools & materials.
Material:  (1) #8/0 treble hook, (1) 1-1/4"x1/2" PVC bushing, 20 to 30 feet of nylon cord, (1) heavy duty disk magnet, an old bicycle inner tube, Plastic Dip, two part epoxy, masking tape, and some sandpaper.

Tools:  Hacksaw, utility sheers or scissors, leather punch, utility knife, punch, and a popsicle stick .

Step 2: Prepare the treble hook.

Picture of Prepare the treble hook.
I suggest that you bend down the barbs on the hook.  This will make it easier to remove the hook from your dropped item after it is retrieved.  Leaving the barb up may result in snagging or tearing fabric items.

Step 3: Prpeare the hook and magnet for epoxy.

Picture of Prpeare the hook and magnet for epoxy.
Use sandpaper or a piece of emery paper to "rough up" the underside of the hook and one side of the magnet.  This will allow the epoxy to bond to both pieces.  Most hooks are covered with with a varnish like coating to prevent rust.  If this coating is not removed the epoxy will not adhere properly and the magnet will pop off at the most inopportune moment.
Tex Arcana1 year ago
this should be in one of the contests... I'd vote for it for sure.
Love this idea, super functional, nicely documented and the parts to make it are readily available, (I think I already have everything I need to do this in my workshop at home :D ). you sir are awesome.
diyoutdoorsman (author)  Matt2 Silver1 year ago
Thank you the compliment.
That's a very nice job. Never heard of or seen that Plastic Dip before, but being in Bulgaria it is understandable. Only one 'hint' though, perhaps you should incorporate some way of affixing the Retrieval tool to your person as knowing my luck, I would drop the tool and still end up having to climb down from my perch. Sorry, forgot to ask, is the hook something that one can buy in any Anglers shop?
diyoutdoorsman (author)  Moscow_Wolf1 year ago
Yes, the treble hook should be available in any anglers shop or online.
sprorok1 year ago
Mine I made isn't as nice as yours but in sure it will work great
h.bergeron2 years ago
This is ingenious. Well done.
finfan74 years ago
This is an extremely well put together instructable. Good work.
I see something my brother-in-law is getting for his birthday! Thanks this is really a well thought out tool. Very clear instructions and pics. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
seamster4 years ago
Nicely done, and very practical. I'm glad I saw this!