Step 10: Assemble the pieces of the tool

After the plastic dip has cured and you have removed the excess from the magnet face you are ready to attach the cord and wind up the spool.  I use 100 lb test nylon fishing line for my cord.  Spool off 20 to 30 feet of cord depending on the usual height of your tree stand and singe both ends to keep the cord from unraveling.  Tie one end of the cord to the hook eye.  Place the eye through the hole in the spool with the long end of the cord coming out of the spool one the side with the hook bends not the eye.  This way you will not have to thread the spool off the line when it is unwound.  Wind the line on to the spool and secure the tag end in the slot cut by the hack saw.  Once the cord is wound onto the spool, stretch the inner tube band over it with the hook eye protruding through the hole in the band.  Bring the other side of the band over the hook bends to secure the hook in the spool.