Picture of Tree Weaving: Elementary School Art Project
Weaving is an art form that has been around for centuries.  It had very practical uses in society as well as being a true art form.   In this lesson students will gain basic knowledge and experience of weaving.  The students will create a simple leaving project and create a fun fall decoration!  With this easy design children will get the basic idea of weaving and be able to build on this knowledge with future projects.

Basic Weaving Vocab:

Weaving:  The art form of taking cloth or fabric on a loom by interlacing thread, yarn or other fiber.  For this project we will use paper.

Loom: The structure which a waving is created

Warp: These are the threads running lengthwise on the loom, it is placed on the loom first and is the basic structure you use to start the weaving art form.

Weft: These are the threads that are weaved across the warp to create the final product called the web.

Web: The product of your weaving
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Materials Needed

One Green  9" × 12" sheet of construction paper

One Brown 9"X12" sheet of construction paper

Black & Brown Crayons

Several Strips of Fall color construction paper cut from 9"X12" Sheets in 1" strips

A bottle of School glue per student


Step 2: Green Paper

Picture of Green Paper
Take the sheet of green construction paper and fold it in half.  Remidn students to match up their corners before putting pressure on the fold.
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