Weaving is an art form that has been around for centuries.  It had very practical uses in society as well as being a true art form.   In this lesson students will gain basic knowledge and experience of weaving.  The students will create a simple leaving project and create a fun fall decoration!  With this easy design children will get the basic idea of weaving and be able to build on this knowledge with future projects.

Basic Weaving Vocab:

Weaving:  The art form of taking cloth or fabric on a loom by interlacing thread, yarn or other fiber.  For this project we will use paper.

Loom: The structure which a waving is created

Warp: These are the threads running lengthwise on the loom, it is placed on the loom first and is the basic structure you use to start the weaving art form.

Weft: These are the threads that are weaved across the warp to create the final product called the web.

Web: The product of your weaving

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed

One Green  9" × 12" sheet of construction paper

One Brown 9"X12" sheet of construction paper

Black & Brown Crayons

Several Strips of Fall color construction paper cut from 9"X12" Sheets in 1" strips

A bottle of School glue per student

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