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Introduction: Tree of Life Pendant

I made this wire wrapped tree of life pendant for my aunt. If anyone wants a step by step let me know!



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    I want to make my granddaughter one. Yours is perfectly round. I just can't get m8ne to stay round

    very does one get the pattern?

    I would love a copy of this pendant. It is lovely. Thank you in advance for the tutorial.


    I would appreciate a pattern of the above tree of life. Love it. Thanks

    I would love a step by step, that is amazing!

    Your pendant is beautiful! I'd love the instructions. Send to: And I thank you in advance. Really do love it.

    Hi! I love your version of the "tree of life" and would really like a step by step tutorial if you have a copy..I sure hope you do, but please don't let anybody (including me!) make you feel obligated to do so. I know your busy, as I'm sure everybody else would agree with me......but.....if you have a copy I'd love one!

    thats gorgeous!!!! you HAVE to make instructions! i would totally make one for myself!

    where are te pdf instrustions?????

    Is this for one of the contests? Otherwise a step-by-step is kind of the point of this website :p

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    I honestly haven't looked into it that much, but is there a separate section for slide shows/images only?

    It seems strange to me that things submitted just as images without any instructions are considered appropriate (for contests and such) to come up when you click on the links for 'instructables.' You expect instructions. Lots of the stuff, like this pendant, are cool and all but can be sort of irksome when you click the pick and it turns out to just be an image or two...

    ya personally i'd love to make this but i don't know where to begin like so many i've failed at because i dont know the procedures to make them but i guess i have to look at step by step only from now on still make me mad though i would love to make it

    Yo check out mine

    I know that its been a long time since you did this. But I would like a step by step infor for this one pendant, please. thanks

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    You can also check mine out

    here is a link for diy........

    oooooo defff a step by step plzz!!! gorgeous!:) about how big is it?

    It is a very nicely made pendant, one I myself would like to recreate. However, I believe the reason the author just posted an image in lieu of an ible was to see how much interest there were before doing the work of a how to. If this is true, I understand why they wouldnt want to do extra work if there is a lack of interest, but I also believe it takes away from the core foundation & purpose of this site.

    I'd love a step by step if you have one?