Tree of Life Pendant





Introduction: Tree of Life Pendant

I made this wire wrapped tree of life pendant for my aunt. If anyone wants a step by step let me know!



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    I want to make my granddaughter one. Yours is perfectly round. I just can't get m8ne to stay round

    very does one get the pattern?

    I would love a copy of this pendant. It is lovely. Thank you in advance for the tutorial.


    I would appreciate a pattern of the above tree of life. Love it. Thanks

    I would love a step by step, that is amazing!

    Your pendant is beautiful! I'd love the instructions. Send to: And I thank you in advance. Really do love it.

    Hi! I love your version of the "tree of life" and would really like a step by step tutorial if you have a copy..I sure hope you do, but please don't let anybody (including me!) make you feel obligated to do so. I know your busy, as I'm sure everybody else would agree with me......but.....if you have a copy I'd love one!

    thats gorgeous!!!! you HAVE to make instructions! i would totally make one for myself!

    where are te pdf instrustions?????

    Is this for one of the contests? Otherwise a step-by-step is kind of the point of this website :p