in this instructable i am going to make a simple table mat from a tree trunk. in fact it is so simple you can make it with kids age 7 and up.

Step 1: Mark the Trunk

first you have to mark where you are going to cut.the thickness is not supper imported but try making it about 1-2 cm thick. If you are a starter or don`t want to spend money on a marking gauge you can use your finger as shown on pic 2 .

Step 2: Saw a Slab

this step is most of the work.

to start you can clamp your work piece in place withe a large clamp ore a bench vice . Make sure that you have dust masks and dust collection is running.

and you have a first aid kit nearby

the sawing will take 15-20 min so put on some music to keep yourself entertainer

Step 3: Remove Bark Ad Fill the Cracks

why remove the bark?

the bark will eventually fall of anyway so why not do it now

i used sow wood glue and sawdust to fill in the cracks

Step 4: Sanding and Oil

i used 150 grid sandpaper to make it smooth and ready to oil

TIP: for a cheap and food safe finish i use sun flower oil .it will give the wood a bit more yellow tone it works the best on darker wood but for something that will be used to put a hot pan on i don`t really care

<p>Сколько же ты пилил, бедолага!</p>
<p>не стесняйтесь, присылайте что-то лучше :)</p><p>i used google translate so the grammer is probebly realy bad</p>
<p>Так я же не смеюсь, очень утомительно пилить бревно простой пилой, сам знаю. Есть одна идея, скоро пришлю. ))</p>
Might be wrong but I think sunflower oil goes rancid over time. using mineral oil which is inert doesn't.
<p>you are right . but this process will take a long time , i had a 3 year old plastic bottle witch smelled almost the same as an new bottle that is use to cook with.I also used it on a wooden spatula i made 1 year ago it smells fine and i didn`t have any problems with it.So i taught is was safe to use </p>
<p>They make oil specifically for things like this, it's advertised as cutting board oil. It may be more expensive, but how much is your health worth? </p><p>The instructable is great but I agree with livichris, better safe than sorry.</p>
<p>By the way, what is a Trivet?</p>
<p>A Trivet is a pad or stand for placing a hot pan or dish on; ie so it doesn't burn the table. Think of it like a coaster for serving dishes. I use cutting board oil on every cutting board I make; it's expensive at about $22 a quart but it's definitely what I prefer.</p>
<p>Ahhh... :) Ok, thanks for telling me, I'm not very educated in either culinary or dining room tools in general. Like I said great instructable and I always love a big hunk of tree. I hope you know it was by no means a criticism. Look forward to seeing more from you. Have fun.</p>
you put the pan on the trivet it doesn't come in contact with the food . so I think spending a lot of mony on a cuting board finish was overkill : )
<p>That is a very good point! </p>
<p>That looks great! Thanks for sharing! </p>

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