Picture of Treehouse
A big old-growth redwood stump had steps carved into it when we bought the place. Visions of a fabulous tree deck danced in our heads...

Step 1: Build the framework

Picture of Build the framework
We used the trees around the stump (the fairy ring) as the main supports for the very sturdy framing. Our research showed that drilling ALL the way through each tree was the best way to not injure them permanently.
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tsturtevant5 months ago

Nice looking structure for good times.

Been studying design, engineering and safety for a planned project. One of the topics that continues to come up is not bolting your truss beams or any wood directly to the tree. Wood to wood holds moisture and can invite insects that will damage the tree. There are several types of attachment bolts or limbs that prevent this.

I can't tell from your photos if you incorporated this method.

A few links to consider.




Again great job

-NINJA-1 year ago

just watch out for creepy crawlies :(|

I made a treehouse almost exactly like this when I was about 9... in the woods in Connecticut... I saw 3 trees close together and thought, "triangle shape frame and platform! It was so cool all the kids thought I was cool after that. ;)
Aww :-)

Well, it's me again... I still love this treehouse; may I move in? ;)
thats a cool and pretty simple tree house if you would rise the tree house a liitle higher and made more you could connect them.
ferbettes4 years ago
stuck in that treehouse for 6 months.
ferbettes4 years ago
hang like a spider in that spider web support.
Very cool.
Ghost Wolf4 years ago
Nice place to chill put a BBQ up there and and lawn chair and it would be cool!
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
legomman2004 years ago
That is awesome!!!!:):):):):)
Hi Shawn, Do you get any stress on the bolts or hardware when the trees sway in the wind? How did you account for this in your design? We live in an area with Redwoods (Northern California) and have similar groupings of trees. I've been thinking about building a similar structure but have not yet to figure out if the wind will cause problems, snap boards or bolts. 
pjp155 years ago
what are the dimensions of the wood you used for the frame work.
on youtube.com search brian's treehouse
chazman25 years ago
my tree house is way better that that its at the very top of a sicmore tree and you can live into
killer wasp6 years ago
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killer wasp6 years ago
but i live in hawaii can you post a ezer 1 plz. o and make it have a trap door an rope swing.id you know you can snow bord in hawaii,yes you can,on our extinct volcaneo,Manua Kea.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
does it get slippy when its wet?
shawnconna (author)  Tom Buckey6 years ago
No, because the flooring is old salvaged redwood planks, which are a little rough to begin with.
oh becuase im building one with the same flooring as decking and it gets slippy so do you know what i do to stop this?
geekazoid6 years ago
very nice. Love the idea of using the stump as steps, Cheers GEEkazoid
SoapyHollow6 years ago
This is so fantastic! I wish I lived somewhere with trees where we could do that. I'm so jealous!
grantylala6 years ago
This is cool
Branman6 years ago
Beautiful! Now all u need is some walls and a roof and, presto, u have a second home. lol
shawnconna (author)  Branman6 years ago
It's built to code so that it will hold up a 2-story house. We've definitely thought about adding walls and a roof as an extra room!
xander866 years ago
This is a marvelous blend of green architecture, and organic design. I love this.
20fredie7 years ago
what size of screws did u use to go all the way though them?
shawnconna (author)  20fredie7 years ago
probably 3/4" but maybe 7/8" or 1" - not larger than 1" and not smaller than 3/4".
berserk7 years ago
Where does the cargo net come in?
shawnconna (author)  berserk7 years ago
It's on the back side, directly behind the pole in this picture. The kids climb up and down it as they wish, and it's plenty strong enough to hold large grown-ups as well. On that side, it's only about 5 or 6 feet off the ground, so not too dangerous if someone fell while climbing. But it would still sting!
Mr.Devious8 years ago
Here's a good idea, what if your house was made where it looked down a hill right? Not a too steap one, but steap enough to make it awesome. Then have a group of trees exactly like that, and build a treehouse similar to that, but roofed and weather sealed. Then, say it was about 10 feet or so away from your deck coming out the backside of the house (this is just imaginary) then build a rope or wire bridge with rails of course that went from the deck into the weather proof tree house. This would be very very cool as you could sit out there on a rainy day and read a book without getting wet, but still enjoy the atmospehere. When I get out in the world and looking for a place, and I see something like this or a similar setup, as far as a house and having trees right behind it, I'm gonna buy it. ;-)
sounds like the tree house from "home alone" except it was just a zip line running from his attic to the tree house
No wonder you call yourself Mr.Devious, lol.
kickslop9 years ago
It doesn't look like you treated the wood at all. Is that true? If so, was there a reason for it? Neat.
Do you think the banasters would be strong enough to support a couple people in a hammock? I have forty acers of woods up north that might just need something like this
if you want a hammock just screw two hooks into the trees and attach the chain or wahtever from the hammock to that
If only I had a few trees...
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