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My family moved into a better neighborhood Aug 2009. We have 1 child, Andrew 9 years old. I had wanted to build him a treehouse, since he was a toddler, but our former house did not have the space to do so. When we bought this house, he said to me, I think this new house has enough room for a tree house daddy, who can argue with that logic.


ElainaS2 (author)2016-11-23

I love the idea of a treeless treehouse. I might try it.

crandreww1999 (author)2010-12-15

This project was expected to take about 4 weeks, but after running into a few snags, the project was completed (except the finishing of the railing) it was done by Aug 25 2010. It was a great time,got to work with some family members, father son time, and helped me to teach table saw basics, drill basics, as well as measuring and leveling.

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