Trekking Pole Monopod for Small Camera/Camcorder

Picture of Trekking Pole Monopod for Small Camera/Camcorder
I like taking a lot of photos while I'm hiking, but my tripod is a little to heavy for any serious hikes and my gorilla-pod style tripod takes too long to get in the right spot and isn't very stable (I should have bought a nicer one). This simple camera mount doesn't take up any space in my pack, barely adds weight to my trekking pole, folds up when not in use, isn't permanently attached, and costs very little to make.
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Step 1: Obtain Parts

Picture of Obtain Parts
In addition to the trekking pole you will need...

1 2"x1/2" Mending Brace
2 1"x1/2" Corner Braces
2 Hose Clamps of appropriate size for the upper shaft of your trekking pole (smaller the better)
Some Gasket Material (I found this rubbery pipe mending stuff in my closet, but I imagine an old bicycle tire inner-tube would work well)
1 3/4" long Screw
1 3/4" long Thumb Screw
2 Lock Nuts
6 or more Nylon Washers

All Screws, Nuts and Washers are 1/4"x20 thread.

Step 2: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Before assembling inspect the corner braces. If they aren't quite 90 degree angles bend them a little so that they are pretty close.

Start by attaching the three braces as shown with the non-thumb screw, four nylon washers, and a lock nut. Don't tighten the lock nut all the way down. Leave it loose enough that you can rotate the mending brace, but tight enough that it will stay where you put it.

Next, attach the thumb screw to the other hole of the mending brace with the other lock nut and at least one washer on either side of the brace. Orient the screw so it is facing the opposite direction of the first screw, unlike in the photo (so that the first screw doesn't get in the way of the camera). Tighten similarly.
All the best to you, thanks for sharing.
JBZG5 years ago
Excellent Idea! 10/10. I may just use this idea as it's so cheap and easy...Thanks!
zamikazi6 years ago
I really can't wait to try making this! Thanks! I just really don't like to lug around a tripod when I backpack or anything, it's just too much extra weight. This will be awesome!