Step 3: Remove the transciever cover

Heat the little tab with your soldering iron and use a jewler's screwdriver to pry the cover off. This step is necessary.
i was able to do this same hack, i didnt need the ir receiver so i removed the entire trans-ceiver module, soldered to the 3.3v+ gnd, and ir out of where the transceiver was. But I think i used a pnp, i dont remember now, but all 3 wires went to where the old module was and it works fine. no on/off switch needed, draws almost no current while off, but like 20ma while transmitting IR signals. by the way im using this as a remote control now for my treo 700p i get like 10 foot transmit distance.
I'm getting a palm tx and I wanted to know if this would boost it's range.
it could, but you'd have to find the room in the case for the parts, and some means of powering it.
oh It would look a little weird now that i think of it
what seems strange is that you look like you are using a photocell to get the signal, instead of tapping the circuit board directly. I would think you could lower your parts count The only other issue would be the standby power. I toggle IR off on my palm because I use it so little. What's the standby current drain? Great job! I have no idea why a hack like this never came out five years ago with the first release of Omniremote
Yes, it's using a photocell. The palm's transmitter is actually an irda chip, so the led, phototransistor and serial interface are all buried deep in the reddish-black epoxy, which means there's no way i can tap into the led directly. As for drain, i have no idea, nor the equipment to test it. so in lieu of measuring the actual amperage, i will leave the mod activated all night and see how low the battery is in the morning. Based on it's performance thus far, i seriously doubt the charge will be less than 90%, though ambient light (or the lack thereof) will have a great effect on it's drain, so this won't be very accurate.
After 10 hours with the hack enabled, the power level went from 100% to 99%. Not too shabby!

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