Tri- Color LED Mouse Makeover





Introduction: Tri- Color LED Mouse Makeover

Replace the boring red LED in a mouse with a tri color flashing color cycling LED.
Note: this replacement is for the LED used for illuminating the end of the mouse, on an opitcal mouse the other LED in the center us used for tracking, don't replace that one.
A small project for soldering and to add variety to your mouse.
Can be applied to other applications.
You assume the risk of modifing your mouse, voiding warrantees etc.
but thats the fun of learning about LEDs.

Step 1: Parts, Tools, Needed

tri- color flashing LED ( ) #led-95
clear cliplight LED holder ( ) HLDCL-C
Small gauge wire
100 ohm resistor
heatshrink tubing
solder, soldering iron
drill and bit and a screwdriver
oh yea, and a mouse that uses a LED (or add one)
this hack uses a MS intellimouse optical usb mouse

Step 2: Dis-assemble the Mouse, Unsolder the Red LED.

unplug and dissassemble the mouse, this varies as per mouse, the screws were located under the glides strips in this application. Pull off the scroll wheel and remove the circuit board. unsolder the red LED.

Step 3: Install the TRI Color LED With a 100 Ohm Resistor

This step may vary depending with the mod your are doing. I soldered a 100 OHM resistor inline with the + (the longer) lead on the 3 color led and since this is a USB mouse, connected the wires directly to the + and - connectors on the circuit board. I found that this peticular LED is sensitive to current requirments, to much resistance and all the colors won't light or cycle . Too little resistance an it will have a very short life !!. The measured voltage was aroung 5 vdc. Mount the LED in such a way that it will fit into the lens and give you the illumination effect you want.

Step 4: Case Mod the Mouse for the Clear Lens Led Holder.

For this applicationI I used a drill (about the same size as the clear led holder) and drilled the case for the Led lens. Without the case mod the colors of the led won't show hence the need for the led lens. A clear frosted base would be ideal, and you can use yor imagination for this mod.

Step 5: Test and Assemble the Mouse.

plug it into the usb port and make sure the led cycles through the colors.
Dress the wires away from mounting holes etc. and assemble the mouse.
If your a modder at heart, then youve done the previous steps with the mouse connected a usb power source anyways. (having a spare mouse ready !!!!)
USB is only 5 vdc....
now test all the functions of your mouse .



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    i have the same mouse, the cable died so i put a new one in it and now it is 2 times as long

    the 5VDC might not cause you any harm (unless its shorted out on 2 cuts, in which case its a bit of pain) but if it shorts out, it will damage your PC (sure, with all of todays protections in computers its less damage, but theres still damage.)

    That ddnt explain right. im mixed up now.

    My mouse already has a tricolour LED but good mouse mod for anyome who doesn't.

    mine has 7 colors... crappy targus mosue...but it gets things done

    shveet is it reaaly tiny?

    no actually...its rather larger then most standard mice...feals a tiny bit more confortable tho.

    oh my b cause I have a mouse thats a targus and its mad small, but it has those lights

    I did something similar with one of those tri-colour LEDs from one of those solar LED garden lights with the plastic ornaments that look like butterflies, hummingbirds, or whatever else they have, and I am using it as a power indicator light on an old ATX power supply I'm planning on using to power a 70W total power amp I'm still working on (mostly the research and design stage right now) and I have it connected to the +5V PG (I think the colour of that wire is supposed to be grey, but the wires are old, and it's been in the light for quite some time, so it might supposed to be something other than grey, but that's what it looks to be now, anyways, it's the one where the motherboard tells the power supply that the voltage level is good) with a 330 +/- 5% ohm resistor on it, and it showed all colours no problem...then again, it was also designed to run from a solar-charged 600 mAh AA size NiCd battery...

    also,wire the sw to green and any black