Tri-color gum bichromate prints from digital images


Step 12: The blue layer: home stretch

Picture of The blue layer: home stretch
12 - cyanregistered.png
12 - finished.png
Mixing, coating, registering, printing and washing should be old hat by now, but here's a refresher:

1. Mix your pigment: a gram cyan watercolor, 5 ml gum, 5 ml dichromate

2. Coat paper.  Smooth and slow, there, Pancho.  Coating screw-ups can not be undone, and at this point hours of effort are at stake. Perform this step in normal incandescent (non-UV) room lighting.

3. Hang to dry 20 -30 minutes.  Clean your stuff up.

4. Register red negative to cyan-coated layer.  RED negative to CYAN layer. Perform this step in normal incandescent (non-UV) room lighting.

5. Tape (remove pins) and place in print frame.

6. As a starting point, expose for 10% less than yellow layer: 54 seconds was used here.

7. Wash.  Wash.  Wash.  No cutting corners.  At least 30-40 minutes.

8.  Hang to dry.  Pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it.
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