In Star Trek you see this cool chess set with 3 levels (plus 4 attack boards--more about those later). Here is how you can make one.

Step 1: Step 1: making the frame

For the frame, you'll need an old badminton racket and tennis racket (from the thrift store). Cut each racket with a hack saw and bend it to the curve desired. Its that easy!
<p>&quot;just feed these instructions into your replicator&quot; If I had that I wouldn't buy anything...ever!</p>
My tennis raquet snapped in half after I tried to bend it. Any tips?
Try using a metal racket with no plastic<br>
Just an FYI: <br> <br>The attack boards should be attached to the corners, so only 1 square overlaps, and the middle level should be overlapped by 2 rows with the level below and above. <br> <br>Otherwise, cool 'ible. I got the Franklin Mint set many years ago. I wish I knew more people who would play it. It's great fun putting the twist on chess.
i love that big bang theroy episode
&quot;It must be painful to suck on so many levels&quot; :P
Sweet! Bonus geek points. :)
I'm not sure if I'd love to play or hate to play, but it's obviously a great game. And your instructions of how to build one are very helpful -- I have old rackets I need to get rid of!
just like in the big bang theory!
That's exactly what I thought! In fact, I just watched that episode on DVD today!
you know those glass chess pices with this would be really cool
I'm gonna try that
how do you play?
Like <a href="http://www.chessvariants.org/3d.dir/startrek.html" rel="nofollow">this.</a>
You play like normal chess but the attack boards are moved only when the attack board has a pawn or nothing on it and to go up or down counts as a space

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