Tri-dimensional Chess





Introduction: Tri-dimensional Chess

In Star Trek you see this cool chess set with 3 levels (plus 4 attack boards--more about those later). Here is how you can make one.

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Frame

For the frame, you'll need an old badminton racket and tennis racket (from the thrift store). Cut each racket with a hack saw and bend it to the curve desired. Its that easy!

Step 2: Base, Boards and Supports

The same thrift store that gave us the rackets gave us this jello mold for the base. Hot glue rocks to the inside to give weight. the little boards or attack boards have supports wich are made out of clear plastic pens youll need atleast four (you should probrally get more just  incase of a problem). 

Step 3: Making the Boards

now cut of a card board chess board a four by four square section That is a main board. Then you measure the main board and cut out 3 squares of plexiglass the size of the main board. now cut out of a cardboad chess board a two by two square section that is the size of a attack board. measure that attack board and cut out four of the same size plexiglass squares.

Step 4: Making the Chessboard Pattern

Using the cardboad grid as a guide, mask the dark squares and then apply spraypaint. The attack boards are supposed to be movable, so I glued magnets in the board underside and to the bottom of the pen tubes.

Step 5: The Final Frontier

Now attach the boards to the frame. I used a combination of hotglue and bolts. You are done. For more copies just feed these instructions into your replicator.



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    There are several variants of the rules out there. I favor this set of rules and notation for learning, as it provides details and a java script for checking rule validity.

    Standard pieces have a 3.75” high King. Squares are 2.25” square. Note the comment about the overlaps. Some versions of the rules allow for six Attack Boards, and boards to invert – attach to the bottom as well as the top of the three main boards – so magnetic attachment would seem the way to go. The piece height is important because the attack board pedestals should be higher than that, and twice that spacing vertically between the mainboards.

    "just feed these instructions into your replicator" If I had that I wouldn't buy anything...ever!

    My tennis raquet snapped in half after I tried to bend it. Any tips?

    1 reply

    Try using a metal racket with no plastic

    Just an FYI:

    The attack boards should be attached to the corners, so only 1 square overlaps, and the middle level should be overlapped by 2 rows with the level below and above.

    Otherwise, cool 'ible. I got the Franklin Mint set many years ago. I wish I knew more people who would play it. It's great fun putting the twist on chess.

    "It must be painful to suck on so many levels" :P

    Sweet! Bonus geek points. :)

    I'm not sure if I'd love to play or hate to play, but it's obviously a great game. And your instructions of how to build one are very helpful -- I have old rackets I need to get rid of!

    That's exactly what I thought! In fact, I just watched that episode on DVD today!

    you know those glass chess pices with this would be really cool

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    You play like normal chess but the attack boards are moved only when the attack board has a pawn or nothing on it and to go up or down counts as a space