Tri-pod for Sony Handycam




Introduction: Tri-pod for Sony Handycam

This is my first instructable so go easy on me

This is a stand for a sony handycam made out of knex. It is a table top tri-pod

Step 1: The Base

Build this

you need:
1 blue connector
1 purple connector
3 gray connectors
3 gray rods

Step 2: Building Up!

Build This

You need:
4 white connectors
2 red connectors
2 yellow connectors
4 red rods
2 white rods
2 green rods

Step 3: This Too!

Build This

You Need:
3 white connectors
1blue connector
1 purple connector
3 white rods
3 yellow rods
2 gray rods
1 blue rod

Step 4: Almost Done

Build This

You need:
6 yellow connectors
2 red connectors
1 white connector
3 Blue rods
2 gray rods
2 white rods
1 red rod
1 yellow rod

Step 5: Slap 'Em Together and Your Done!

put these parts together



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Thats the camera I have, and I needed a stand for it. Nice!

thats a cool idea for your first time!5/5!can you make one that has less pieces and only using yellow,blue,white and green rods please can make 4 of these but make a littler one.

Thanks I'm glad you like it.

lots of the recent posts are technology enhancers, like the xbox360 wheel(+99) and this thing is aweosme, i ahve a sony camera, g2build

Actually a pretty good Instructable. I actually have a Flip Video camera though, I'll try to see if I can make a Tri-pod. I'll post it if I do! Nice job!