Picture of Triangular Modular Origami Box

This is a quick and simple modular origami box. Even a complete beginner to origami should be able to make it without any problem. Though simple, it does make an attractive little box that's great for holding some delicious candy! 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-3 square pieces of paper
-tape, glue, or staples (optional)
Larscool8 months ago

Nice idea

wow. i make it successful. Thanks.
timmolderez3 years ago
Heh, that was fun; you can almost make them as fast as the YouTube clip lasts :) I first made one out of post-its, but I didn't have any skittles to put in .. Then I noticed I had this old stack of almost-square paper laying around .. so uhm .. now I have a box that holds boxes :p
sherrycayheyhey (author)  timmolderez3 years ago
haha nice
That is a cute little box! And now I really want skittles :D
Thank you. Trust me, you don't want those Skittles, those are my "display Skittles" haha.
Haha, did you alter them by painting them to make them shiner?
Haha no, that's their natural shine (as natural as Skittles can be). They're my "display Skittles" because I've handled them a lot to display in other projects like Lego candy machines and they've been in direct contact with coins, eww!
In a cute little origami box of course!
kelseymh3 years ago
Very nice! But why aren't you using it to hold your 1x2 flats? ;->
sherrycayheyhey (author)  kelseymh3 years ago
hahaha, next time :)