This is a quick and simple modular origami box. Even a complete beginner to origami should be able to make it without any problem. Though simple, it does make an attractive little box that's great for holding some delicious candy! 

Step 1: Materials

-3 square pieces of paper
-tape, glue, or staples (optional)
<p>That was so easy! Thanks for the clear photo instructions. I made mine out of 6&quot; x 6&quot; cardstock so it is quite sturdy, and attractive. I have a feeling that I'll be making more of these to put goodies in for Christmas. :-)</p>
<p>Nice idea</p>
wow. i make it successful. Thanks.
Heh, that was fun; you can almost make them as fast as the YouTube clip lasts :) I first made one out of post-its, but I didn't have any skittles to put in .. Then I noticed I had this old stack of almost-square paper laying around .. so uhm .. now I have a box that holds boxes :p
haha nice
That is a cute little box! And now I really want skittles :D
Thank you. Trust me, you don't want those Skittles, those are my &quot;display Skittles&quot; haha.
Haha, did you alter them by painting them to make them shiner? <br />
Haha no, that's their natural shine (as natural as Skittles can be). They're my &quot;display Skittles&quot; because I've handled them a lot to display in other projects like Lego candy machines and they've been in direct contact with coins, eww!
In a cute little origami box of course!
Very nice! But why aren't you using it to hold your 1x2 flats? ;-&gt;
hahaha, next time :)

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