Triaxial Weaving Canvas (with Bias)





Introduction: Triaxial Weaving Canvas (with Bias)

Classical weaving is made on two axes (vertical and horizontal).
Triaxial weaving is made on three axes (vertical and two diagonals).

Step 1:

Fournitures :
- a 46 cm x 33 cm canvas,
- 29 meters of bias (19 colors !),
- a stapler.

I would have loved to make it with satin ribbon, but it’s three times more expensive…

Step 2:

First move : vertical lines.
I stapled them behind the canvas.

Step 3:

Second move : left diagonal lines.

Step 4:

Last move : right diagonal lines.

Step 5: Pattern : First & Second Move

First move : all the bias are vertical side by side with just enough space for weaving.

Second move (starting left upper corner - repeating * to *)
(over 1) *under 1 - over 5*
(over 2) * under 4 - over 2*
(over 3) *under 1 - over 5*
(under 2) * over 2 - under 4*
*over 5 - under 1*
*under 4 - over 2* .......

My method (you will have fun reading it with my bad english...)
(*under 1 - over 5*)
2 over (under the gap shifting one column on the left) - 4 under
5 over (under the 2 over, shifting two columns on the left) - 1 under

It's a repeating design, soon you won't have to look at the pattern.

Step 6: Pattern : Last Move

Starting at the top of a "5 over" :
*2 over - 2 under - 1 over - 1 under*

Step 7:

(¤) Under the "2 over" :
*1 over - 5 under*

Step 8:

Under the "1 over" shifting 2 columns on the right :
*1 over - 1 under - 2 over - 2 under*

Step 9:

Then restart at (¤) and go on until your canvas is finished.

You can use the last pic to make your own colored pattern.

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You are a star. On behalf of all who were gob-smacked by your great Instructable. Thank's so much for completing the pattern for us, now all I have to do is do it. Off to find enough ribbon/braid. Brilliant.

how do I work the other colours in?

Sorry but I don't understand your question...
You mean how to choose color ?

I'm not sure how to weave in the strips going from left bottom to right top?

That's the last step which is under design contruction... ;-)


I have seen quilts with this pattern. Actual quilt is much harder to do because of all the cutting and sewing. I bet you could do this with quilt binding to make a quilt top.