Introduction: Triaxial Weaving Canvas (with Bias)

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Classical weaving is made on two axes (vertical and horizontal).
Triaxial weaving is made on three axes (vertical and two diagonals).

Step 1:

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Fournitures :
- a 46 cm x 33 cm canvas,
- 29 meters of bias (19 colors !),
- a stapler.

I would have loved to make it with satin ribbon, but it’s three times more expensive…

Step 2:

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First move : vertical lines.
I stapled them behind the canvas.

Step 3:

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Second move : left diagonal lines.

Step 4:

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Last move : right diagonal lines.

Step 5: Pattern : First & Second Move

Picture of Pattern : First & Second Move

First move : all the bias are vertical side by side with just enough space for weaving.

Second move (starting left upper corner - repeating * to *)
(over 1) *under 1 - over 5*
(over 2) * under 4 - over 2*
(over 3) *under 1 - over 5*
(under 2) * over 2 - under 4*
*over 5 - under 1*
*under 4 - over 2* .......

My method (you will have fun reading it with my bad english...)
(*under 1 - over 5*)
2 over (under the gap shifting one column on the left) - 4 under
5 over (under the 2 over, shifting two columns on the left) - 1 under

It's a repeating design, soon you won't have to look at the pattern.

Step 6: Pattern : Last Move

Picture of Pattern : Last Move

Starting at the top of a "5 over" :
*2 over - 2 under - 1 over - 1 under*

Step 7:

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(¤) Under the "2 over" :
*1 over - 5 under*

Step 8:

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Under the "1 over" shifting 2 columns on the right :
*1 over - 1 under - 2 over - 2 under*

Step 9:

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Then restart at (¤) and go on until your canvas is finished.

You can use the last pic to make your own colored pattern.

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TaraC28 made it! (author)2016-04-07

Yay! This is so great!

My husband showed me this instructable a while back and told me I should make it, and I finally got around to it yesterday. I used black, grey and white quilting cottons instead of the nine colors, but I think next time I'll mix it up and use all the different colors. I am so glad you generated and shared the graph/illustration. That is what I worked off of after the progress photos threw me off a bit. Thanks so much! I'm almost done weaving it, so this photo is just an early shot of the third layer going in.

Thanks again! I do a ton of weaving if you'd like to see - and I sell a weaving needle I invented on Etsy at WEFTYneedle.


Tara J Curtis

Waow, you are an expert in fabric weaving! (love the "bamboo" one on your website).

Using a patterned fabric adds a nice shadow effect.
Look forward to see it finished ;-)


dlynch02132 (author)2014-12-10

This is nice.


craftyv (author)2014-10-26

You are a star. On behalf of all who were gob-smacked by your great Instructable. Thank's so much for completing the pattern for us, now all I have to do is do it. Off to find enough ribbon/braid. Brilliant.

cbadzioch (author)2014-10-24

how do I work the other colours in?

Sorry but I don't understand your question...
You mean how to choose color ?

I'm not sure how to weave in the strips going from left bottom to right top?

That's the last step which is under design contruction... ;-)

shazni (author)2014-10-25


Thanks !

reikimaster5555 (author)2014-10-24

I have seen quilts with this pattern. Actual quilt is much harder to do because of all the cutting and sewing. I bet you could do this with quilt binding to make a quilt top.

I'm patient and I love sewing.... but I never had enough patient to make quilt !

raviolikid (author)2014-10-24

Interesting and vivid project! Thanks for sharing your 'ibile!

Thanks :-)

alcurb (author)2014-10-24

This looks fun and relatively easy to make! Thanks for posting. The end result is very cool and bind-bending. I love optical illusion art.

How do you choose the colors to layout where? Is there a method you use to choose the colors?

Request: a photo of what would fit between step 3 and step 4 that shows the finishing step in the making. A sped-up video would just do nicely. In step 5 add a diagram of the finishing step.

I choose my colors in front of the store display ;-)
Dark colors for the vertical lines, and gradient colors for up/left and down/right corners.
I made a scale drawing before buying the bias (to know how long I need for each color).

Yes, the last step pattern is under construction... (there won't be a video, sorry).

vbanaszak (author)2014-10-23

This is so pretty! I need to save this for my long lists of things that I must try. TFS

The todo list: it stretches faster than it shortened ;-)

Chuck Stephens (author)2014-10-23

And now all I have to do is wait until after Christmas when all the ribbon goes on sale. This is amazing and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing this!


craftyv (author)2014-10-23

Love the look and appreciate the work but it is too brief to explain the actual positioning of the ribbon. Because it is an optical illusion, seeing the positions is quite difficult. More steps required. Thank's.

I will make a weaving pattern soon !

You can buy gift wrapping ribbon on the roll quite cheaply and in various widths. It's non-woven, very shiny and great colours. I get mine from bargain shops and whenever I see them throughout the year. Looking out for more advice with the final weave. Thank's

I may try, but I'm afraid it can mark folds (ribbon and bias are flexible).

janetora (author)2014-10-23

Very cool effect and pattern!!! How difficult was it putting in the third weft ribbon. Did you use a shuttle/ stiff ribbon puller/ tool to help weave the ribbons? Would there be any way you could post the weaving pattern? For example: First Yellow over1,under1,over 2,under3,over1...etc. I know hard to do. Or maybe link to pattern directions you used. You said it was like chair caning. Thanks!

No tool, I've just fold the end of the bias (making a tip) and wrapped it with tape. It was like a needle.

I will make a weaving pattern soon !

This is so cool!

jmwells (author)2014-10-21

Interesting bit of trivia. NASA used this type of weaving in it's moon spacesuits. Stronger and rip stop.

More daily it is the weaving used for chair caning (also for its strength).

eeVee (author)2014-10-21

What an amazing effect! So perfectly created. well done. Im impressed.

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)eeVee2014-10-22

Thanks :-)

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-21

Woah I did not know that those were bias until you started. The effect is really striking. Thanks for sharing!

Pleasure :-)

One day I will break the bank and buy satin ribbon, I'm sure it would be awesome with shimmering reflections...

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