Tribute Sweater


Introduction: Tribute Sweater

I made this sweater in honor of my 2 Samoyeds, Big & Angel.
The main color of the sweater is Lion Brand Wool-ease, while the intarsia portion (the dog profile) is yarn I handspun of 100% fur. The pawprints were done in fair isle, and the text is duplicate stitch. The sweater means the world to me, as I no longer have my beautiful pets. We were blessed with Big until he was 14, and Angel lived to 16.5 years!



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    This is a wonderful way to remember your dogs! Btw: you say the profile of the dog is handspun from your dog's fur(?). Maybe you want to do another 'ible on spinning fur, some day?

    This is truly a beautiful sweater with amazing detail work. What a treasure!

    Very nice sweater!! You are very talented. I can see your husband's arm in the one picture and can tell he is very cute. Your blessed to have so much talent and such a cute husband!

    unusul sweater - a lot of thought went into it.

    What a wonderful sweater and a wonderful way to remember your dogs!

    So wonderful. What a great tribute to your dogs.

    I like the color and the pattern of the paw prints.

    What a wonderful tribute to your beloved pets. Your sweater is beautiful.


    very clever ms mills!

    Very cool! I am a dog groomer and I spin alot of dog hair. Matybe we should do an instructable together on different ways to do it!

    Great job, your dogs are very cute! :-)