Picture of Tribute T-Shirt - Infocom's Zork I, II, III & Beyond Zork
Zork Shirt - Intro Photo.png

As a treat to the fans of Zork, I have designed a t-shirt. This will also be my entry in the Game.Life 4 contest (although I am entering at the last moment).

I enjoy the rich sound and colorful graphics that we have available to us currently thanks to HD video, surround sound audio and GPU-based graphics technologies. And yet, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the classic turn-based adventure games from the company Infocom "way back in the day". The history of Infocom is well documented online and some of their games are available for you to play online for free.

What I appreciated most about the Zork games was that I was required to do all of the mental lifting. In other words, at a young age, I had to use my own imagination, problem solving and mental visualization skills to find my way through to the end of the game. Playing was enjoyable because I wasn't concerned with sensory overload that is common in some of today's fast-paced 3D gaming titles. The older games definitely weren't perfect. They generally lacked sound, but they were fun.

This short 'ible is my tribute to the Infocom classics Zork I, II, III & Beyond Zork.........

DeepCycle10 months ago

That was the first funny message in Zork as I recall. I remember thinking " ohhh....it's got JOKES in it!. I paid $50 for a game to play on my Apple II computer.

Elegant t-shirt graphics. Cool.