Trick to Download YouTube Videos With VLC Player


Introduction: Trick to Download YouTube Videos With VLC Player

We all know VLC as Media player, but iOS users can use VLC to download YouTube videos on their iPhone or iPad. Here is how it can be done.

Step 1 : Get the VLC Media for your device.

Step 2 : Go to from your iPhone or iPad

Step 3 : Play any video and copy the video URL.

Step 4 : visit clipconverter, and paste the video URL in the provided field, and click Continue.

Step 5 : Select desired video format, and click Start button.

Step 6 : Tap on download link, and select Copy option to copy the link.

Step 7 : Open VLC player, tap Menu option, and tap Download.

Step 8 : Paste the download link, and tap Download button.

This is how you can save YouTube videos to iPhone. Saved videos can be found under all files option within VLC



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    Of corse you can if the video is available in 1080p on YouTube.