Step 1: In This Instructables I Will Show You How to Make a Trick With Cola Cola / Summer Life Hack That Will Change Your Life!

To do this trick you need: 3 plastic flexible drinking straw, Coca cola 1.5 L (of plastic), cutter knife and elastic band.

Step 2: It Is a Life Hack How to Pour Easier a Coca-Cola in Glass With Three Drinking Straw and a Elastic Band.

It is very cool and easy to do!

Step 3: It Is a Very Simple Trick for the Summer at a Picnic With Friends!!!

Step 4: There Are So Many Life Hacks Everyone Should Know You Can Make From Drinking Straw.

Step 5: I Hope You Enjoyed!


<p>This is WONDERFUL, can't wait to do this!!!</p>
<p>Why not just pour it......</p>
<p>It Is Eight Wonder............</p>
<p>Great Idea</p>
<p>Neat idea. Terrible, clickbaity title. </p>
<p>That is amazing!</p>
<p>THX!!!! )</p>

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