Step 8: Finishing Touches!

After your Scoops/Bars have cooled you can either pack them up in an air tight container to save for later, or prepare them immediately!
Just grab a cone, fill it with candy and place the scoops on top of the cone.

Hope you and your trick or treaters enjoy!
Happy Halloween.
These are awesome. Do you have way to stick the "ice cream" to the cone? Are the gummy enough to stick themselves or are they just balanced on top?
I have them just sitting on top of the cone for the pictures, but if you want a more sturdy snack, just put some of the melts in a frosting bag or ziplock bag, heat them up, cut the tip of the bag and pipe the melts onto the edges of the cones. Then press the ice cream scoops onto them and let them cool. They won't be the sturdiest thing because they are so top heavy, but they should stay down decent enough.
Good plan. Thanks!
Awesome! This is great! I'm going to use it with the kids for summer camp at work. Thanks
Cute and tasty! I would put brown food coloring in a rice crispy treat, break it up into tiny pieces, roll them into perfect cylinders, and call them tater tots.
I LOVE this idea! Just adorable. I'm sharing it on my facebook page since I've been looking up April Fools day recipes, and this is just too cute!
rice crispies works.
This is so cool and easy!!! :D
Thank you. I love simple adorable projects. :3
if you don't mind steph i'm going to make something just like it but kind of like a pinata
Go ahead. ^-^
Thank you!
This is really cool; I definitely have to try it.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did! :3
what a cool idea! i'm going to give this a go. thanks for sharing!
No problem! Hope you have fun with it. :D
It's a trick<em> </em><u><em>and</em></u><em> </em>treat, genius!<br />

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