Trick Your Friends With Their Flip Video Camera!





Introduction: Trick Your Friends With Their Flip Video Camera!

For the April Fools day contest, but you can do this anytime.

This Instructable will easily freak out your friends (maybe), and they'll wonder how you got that note in there.

So, if you want to do this, let's get to work! :-)

Step 1: Materials.

  • Your friend/ cousin/ relative/ ANYBODY'S Flip Video Camera, or any from Pure Digital Technologies that are like this.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Paper.

Step 2: Open Up the Camera.

Pull off the 4 rubber thingies, and then remove the screws.

Once you get the screws out, open up the camera.

Try not to get that battery holder undone, it gets really annoying.

Step 3: Paper/ Cutting Time.

Write down your note.

Put it up to the camera.

It obviously is too big, right?

So it's time for cutting.

Put the paper up to the screen, and trace how big the screen is.
Then, cut.

Then, write a note.
Put it in.

Move on to the next step.

Step 4: Finishing Up.

Once you have your paper in place, put the top back on.
Don't forget any of the pieces to put back in, like the battery holder place.

Once you finish, screw everything back in, leave the camera, and wait for the look of your friend's face.

Have fun pranking!


Step 5: Bob.

Throughout the Instructable, did you see Bob?

Here's what the whole finger looks like.

It used to be my WHOLE hand, but then my mom got mad.

Have fun pranking once again!




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    it a flip video camcorder and that one is REALLY old i have the flip hd TWo hour one

    this is pretty sweet but alot of phones now have those special screws that you can never fricken get out you have to step on the phone....... btw thx 4 teachin me 2 write rly small hi

    they're torx and tamperproof torx

    how do you write that small

    you can get the special heads at radio shack.

    where did you get the instructables sticker?

    Could you please do an Inasuractable on bob?

    hahaha we're so imma ture XD hahaha HOHOHO HEEEEHEHEHEE

    Comma Comma Pipe Comma type the characters named in notepad