Tricked Out Pumpkins





Introduction: Tricked Out Pumpkins

Pumpkins signal the start of Fall, and are so cute decorating the house. But sometimes we want more than just the plain orange or I tricked mine out!

I used a mix of real and fake pumpkins, sharpie marker, sisal rope (available at the hardware store) and ric rac ribbon (from the craft store). You'll also need a glue gun or your adhesive of choice.

Step 1:

Using your sharpie marker, draw spider webs directly on the pumpkin. You can glue cheap spider rings for more fun.

Step 2:

Sisal rope and jute ribbon are two of my favorite crafty items...they are inexpensive and always add great natural texture. You can glue strips of jute in a stripe pattern around the pumpkin. or wrap one completely with sisal rope.

Step 3:

Another cute accent is black ric rac ribbon. Again, you can glue stripes directly to the pumpkin, or leave the ends loose on a baby pumpkin to give it a spider effect.

The options are endless, but I made myself stop with these! You can check out these and other projects on my blog, Hi Sugarplum!



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    Gorgeous, I really like the spider one!

    These are great! I particularly like the white pumpkin with the black ric rac! You just don't see ric rac used in crafts enough anymore :)

    I agree! Ric Rac makes everything cuter! And pom-poms ;)

    im definately going to have to do the spiderweb one with my son! he is going to love it.