Picture of Tricopter frame build

I finally bit the bullet and made a start on building my tricopter.  This instructable is for the build of the frame only, which is all that I have completed so far.  As I get to the rest of it, more will follow.

I've never built anything like this before, but I've hoovered up all sorts of information from the web and made a start.  I plan to use motors and other stuff used by other people who have made machines of a similar size and weight, that way there's a reasonable chance that it will fly - whether I can actually fly it is another story.

If you are planning to copy all or part of this build, please note that  I have an impressive stock of spare screws and materials in my workshop, which means that so far this has cost me almost nothing for materials - you may not be as lucky.  I also have a number of machines in the workshop that you may not have, especially the lathe and the milling machine.  If you don't have access to machines like these, you may want to re-design bits of the frame to suit the materials and the equipment that you do have.
Rajaram1904 months ago
What is the weight of this frame?
we9to42 years ago
Nice build, good quality parts, good craftsmanship - fun stuff