Trigabot Got a 3D Makeover





Introduction: Trigabot Got a 3D Makeover

After assembled the quadruped robot. I decided to print out some replace parts for Trigabot. Through out the first stage of testing, I recognize some weakness of the bot that can improve. For instance the shoulder and elbow connection are fairly weak and the contact surface of each leg is too small.

As the beginning of the build, I copied down the shape and also measured the mass of individual part. So that when I design all the armor parts for Trigabot, I tried to have the design that have mass tolerant about plus and minus 1 gram.

I will try to write more about the reason behind each design, how to assembly and the STL file. Sorry for any unconvinced, I try to publish this post so that I can showcase the Trigabot Armor.

Hi Makers, as the viewer approaching 1K and I know it is not that much to bragging about. However to me, this is a remarkable benchmark. Therefor, if you are owning one of the Sunfounder scrawling bot and interesting about the Trigabot 3D Makeover Amor send me your email with picture of you and you bot, I will select a lucky Maker. The winner will receive a complete 3D printed Trigabot's Armor.

Step 1: ********UPDATE 10/24/2015******** 3D .STL FILE UPLOAD

Sorry for the long delay. I hope everyone had a good midterm ( if you have one like me >"<). As promise I have all the .stl file for the Trigabot 3D makeover. If any Maker print the model out please send me some picture. If you have any question about assembly or printing setting please leave in the comment below.

My 3D printer is Printrbot Metal Simple, and here is my setting:

  1. 0.1 mm layer
  2. 0.8 first and last layer
  3. 210 Celsius
  4. 20 to 30 mm/s



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    Me and my bot :) .

    Thanks a lot for your contribution your bot is beautiful.

    I love the news 3D printed claws.

    my mail :


    Hi, I ve bought this bot for my birthday :) I love it !!

    I would like tu upgrade it with HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor for autonomous move.



    Please share me your code :D thank a lot. Cám ơn anh nhiều

    Ban muon Code nao. Minh thay hinh nhu ban finish your Quadruped robot and have it working. Sorry I check your FB page. So the next step is improve the design or improve its intelligent.
    For improvement on the robot design. Check out my other post about 3D printed part for the robot.
    For improvement on intelligent for the bot, you can at sonar sensor for obstacle avoid. The first step to convert a control robot to an autonomous robot.
    Good luck and post some picture if you can :D

    what type of batteries you are using?

    I am using 3s 11.1V 1350 mAH Li-po battery. Using for ex airplane.

    I am using 3s 11.1V 1350 mAH Li-po battery. Using for ex airplane.

    Hi there, if you visit my other article there will be the link of the battery thause.

    what type of batteries you are using?

    what type of batteries you are using?